Ginseng Coffee: Today’s New Coffee for Weight Loss

Ginseng Coffee: Today’s New Coffee for Weight Loss

by LJB Communications

People search for coffee alternatives for several reasons. Some have hyperacidity that is made worse by how much coffee they consume. Others simply want a milder version of coffee that has additional health benefits, including a healthier metabolism and weight loss effects.

Turning to tea is one way to curb one’s craving for coffee, but it just isn’t the same without the rich taste of caffeinated goodness. There is, however, a contender for a great substitute for that cup of joe: ginseng coffee.

What is ginseng?

Ginseng is a plant root that is two to three inches in length, the best of which are commonly found in Asian countries such as China and Korea. For hundreds of years, the Chinese have attributed anti-aging and energy-boosting properties to this plant. The name “ginseng” is derived from the Chinese words that mean “the human plant” due to the shape of its tubers. The ancient Greeks referred to it as “the remedy for everything.”

Ginseng has a bitter taste and is often mixed with other ingredients to make it easier to eat or drink, such as in soups or hot tea. Its flavor also makes it a great candidate for mixing with coffee!

What are the benefits of ginseng?

This root contains two substances. Ginsenoside improves blood circulation and antioxidant levels, while gintonin is an anti-inflammatory and has even been shown to combat brain cells’ death.

Apart from these two compounds, ginseng has a host of vitamins and minerals, which add to its long list of beneficial substances for the body. Here are some known benefits of this root plant:

1. Reduces inflammation

Some studies have shown that ginseng can reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant activity in cells.

2. Boosts immune system

Studies have shown an improvement in cancer patients’ immune systems, particularly with less recurring symptoms and faster recoveries from surgery. Although studies have shown such benefits in these patients, there are still no definitive findings on how ginseng can boost healthy people’s immune systems against infection.

3. Improves brain function

Ginseng can do wonders for improving cognitive function. Studies have shown that its consumption can lead to better mood and working memory, while other research has found better behavior and overall brain function in people with Alzheimer’s

Consumption of ginseng in coffee

Those looking into this kind of coffee will find that ginseng is excellent for health when taken in moderation. It’s often said to feel revitalizing and a supplement that improves speed and concentration. It can also relieve stress and improve mood and is said to combat the signs of aging. 

Incorporating ginseng into coffee is ideal for coffee drinkers suffering from insomnia or anxiety symptoms because one cup contains less caffeine than regular coffee. It remains effective as a supplement and alternative to pure coffee due to its energizing properties, capacity for strengthening brain function and circulation, and promotion for better digestion.

While these benefits from ginseng are all well and good for coffee drinkers, there’s one concern that needs to be addressed: how it will taste. Some might expect a plant-like taste that doesn’t come close to the coffee taste they love. Compared to traditional coffee, ginseng coffee has a sweeter and less concentrated taste. It also looks slightly different, being brighter in color, similar to a cappuccino.

Ginseng coffee is rarely ever prepared pure and is often mixed with a little bit of real coffee so that the two flavors blend.


Finding healthier alternatives to your all-time favorite food or beverage can be challenging, but luckily, the ginseng root is a great option for coffee drinkers! Not only does it have health benefits for brain function, antioxidants, and the immune system, but it can also promote weight loss. The best part is, you get to keep that same taste and energy boost that you’ve always enjoyed from your morning coffee without the negative effects.

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