Ginger & Weight Loss: Our Practical Guide for Beginners

By Admin Tue, Dec 29, 20

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Among the different spices in the world that we interact with at some point in our lives, ginger often stands out regardless of what dish or drink it’s put in. After it was discovered in Southeast Asia and designated for a medicinal purpose by Chinese practitioners, Zingiber officinale (as it’s technically called) began to make its presence known across various applications. From “recovery soups” and cough-and-cold remedies to long-term immune system support, the ways that this spice has been used over the years is endless. 

Although some may argue that the taste of ginger is a bit too strong (or even abrasive), there’s no denying that its capabilities and innate properties make it a staple for any healthy diet.

Why is ginger so good for health?

This spice draws its value from the fact that it can yield many health benefits that aren’t as abundant (or even available) in other ingredients in the market. 

With its high amounts of gingerol, this mainly-medicinal ingredient packs powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that allow anyone to rid their body of bad elements and ailments. Shortly after a serving of ginger is taken (regardless if it’s fresh and raw or mixed in with Lean Joe Bean’s coffee), you’ll quickly feel your body react positively to all the effects that take place!

Another main purpose of taking ginger worth watching out for

By now, you’re probably well-versed with the fact that ginger is an amazing ingredient to have in your diet because of how healthy it is. Among the different ways this spice can do your body a lot of good, its main health advantage that not too many people know about is its effect on weight loss! 

Let’s go over all that you need to know about the spice’s impact on one’s health in greater detail: 

An overview of weight loss and gingerol

Beyond the food-flavoring and medicinal qualities that have been expounded on by experts and studies, ginger has become a crowd favorite in recent years because of its link to weight loss. 

Today, it isn’t uncommon to hear people talking about how including big amounts of this spice in their diet has helped them achieve various fitness goals. Often seen as the “be-all, end-all” solution for weight loss aspirations and related concerns, it’s easy to see why this specific spice has garnered much more attention on US soil — a country where an obesity problem is most prevalent. 

Ever since its inclusion in traditional Chinese medicine, ginger has been shown to greatly inhibit the body’s ability to fight against obesity apart from the dozens of other chronic diseases it has been able to prevent. When coupled with a well-maintained diet and regular exercise, it can significantly increase fat burning mechanisms because of the way it spikes internal metabolic syndromes thanks to its antioxidants!


As a whole, ginger is regarded as one of the best spices that anyone can incorporate into their diet because of the abundance of health benefits that it packs, especially when it comes to losing weight. Whether you’re midway through your fitness journey, at the end of it, or at the beginning, having a regular serving of the spice will help you reach your goals much easier and maintain them effortlessly for life! 

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