Fasting: Here Are Ways to Combat the Looming Hunger

By Admin Wed, Jun 10, 20

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Let’s face it: as humans, we love to eat. Going even the slightest bit hungry can throw our moods off and often get irritated at the world around us. Even with a modified diet that swaps a lot of the unhealthy foods we put in our system with greens and low calorie produce, hunger is just always a looming issue. People really struggle with diets because food is an adventure that takes us to a different experience.

We all have that guilty pleasure, whether it be extreme amounts of carbohydrates or lots of sweets. These are hard to give up, but because of the newest diet trend of Intermittent Fasting, we don’t exactly have to give up all the food that makes us happy.

The issue with IF is that there is a long period of abstinence from food or any kind of calorie. Some people struggle with maintaining the windows of when eating is permitted because it really is so much easier to let go of ourselves than sustain a diet. Here are tips on surviving the hunger phase of fasting daily:

Twist Your Body’s Hunger Signals Around

The human appetite is a signal that signifies when we are hungry. This is a survival instinct, but it is a completely different sensation nowadays. Now that the human body is accustomed to so many options of food available, the mind has been tricked into thinking that the body needs food when it actually does not.

In essence, the body’s hunger signals are accustomed to believing that every hunger signal is actually the body seeking food. To fix this, a diet change would help, as well as consciousness towards hunger pain reactions.

Eat Better Foods During Eating Periods

Proteins are some of the best things to eat when the fasting period is over, due to its density and weight that can make us feel full faster. Fats are also good for the body at certain amounts and is also heavy on the stomach, which leaves us feeling full for longer periods of time.

Do not avoid carbohydrates, but eat a few to give an energy boost. Overeating carbs will raise blood glucose levels, causing an insulin spike that brings a heavy crash with it. When crashing, chances are that hunger levels will rise, which is how we gain extra weight.

Consume A Lot of Water

Lacking water causes dehydration, which makes the mind confused and often brings us into a hungry state. Drinking more glasses of water fills up the stomach and in turn makes us full. While fasting, it is recommended to keep drinking water to replace the amount of water we would normally get through food.

Drink Black Coffee

Black coffee is known to be an incredible appetite suppressant. It is also important to stay hydrated along with drinking coffee. Coffee contains a specific ingredient that combats hunger, which is strangely found more often in decaffeinated versions of the drink. It is important to watch our caffeine intake daily to avoid getting wired, so investing in decaf coffee for afternoons and evenings is important. Black coffee is also fast-friendly, so there is no need to worry about breaking fasting periods.

Keep Away from Alcohol

Alcohol is empty calories and is often loaded with sugars that can cause hunger. Drinking alcohol with a meal can cause overeating, which is why drinkers would benefit from saving that glass or two of their favorite drinks for the weekends or special occasions.


Intermittent fasting is one of the simplest ways to diet, as the diet shifts are not as abrupt as shifting to a vegan, vegetarian, or keto diet that can cause problems if not done properly. The amazing thing about IF is that you can practically eat a lot of tasty foods as long as they are cooked properly and within the 8 hour period.

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