Facts About Turmeric and Why It’s Considered a Superfood

By Admin Mon, Nov 09, 20

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Many ingredients that people use in making food have long been used to serve medicinal purposes as well—but the medical industry doesn’t always consider all of them to be reliable. Among these amazing ingredients is turmeric, a type of yellow root typically used to spice up curry dishes. It has a long and reputable history of being known as food medicine, which is why many try to incorporate it into their daily lives.

Fortunately, modern science has slowly learned to come around and realize the wonders of turmeric. While it’s mostly used as a food coloring, spice, and preservative, turmeric can also offer other various benefits that can be useful for your health. Similar to ginger, honey, and green tea, turmeric has both culinary and folk healing advantages as well. It’s used to cure specific health conditions and can be good for losing weight. 

If you want to find out more information on turmeric, keep reading below. 

It’s Been Around For Ages

If you didn’t know, turmeric has been utilized as food and medicine for the past four thousand years. It began in India, and spread to become known across several regions in Asia, and became widely popular in Africa and the Caribbean. 

The active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, offers a wide array of health benefits—but was not discovered until 1910. When science learned of turmeric’s properties, the common root became a lasting trend that continues until today.

It’s Backed Up By Science

Turmeric is considered to be one of the most significant medicinal plants today, which is why plenty of researchers take their time to study it thoroughly. There are currently more than five thousand studies and articles on turmeric published on the National Institutes of Health PubMed website to provide users with enough proof of what turmeric can really do.

It Offers Numerous Health Benefits

If you’re experiencing pain in your joints or rising blood sugar levels, adding turmeric to your diet by drinking turmeric coffee offers significant results. The superfood provides anti-inflammatory properties and can help eliminate toxins and parasites and heal particular wounds.

It also has anti-malarial effects and can help you manage specific digestive issues, eye and skin conditions, brain disorders, and other health concerns. Thanks to research, turmeric can help treat Alzheimer’s disease because it stimulates stem cell reproduction.  

Its Has Very Few Side Effects

It’s essential to take everything in life in moderation and avoid consuming too much. When it comes to turmeric, having them in high doses can result in diarrhea and nausea and can decrease the effectiveness of talinolol, which is used to balance blood pressure.

However, if you learn to manage eating or drinking turmeric appropriately, you shouldn’t expect adverse side effects than other medications that offer more noticeable side effects. A curcumin supplement can be used as an alternative for painkillers to avoid the prolonged negative side effects of regular medicine.

It Can Be Used In Different Ways

There are plenty of ways you can try to incorporate turmeric into your diet, from applying it into your cooking or using it as a superfood creamer for your morning or evening beverage. They can be easily found in health food stores that sell numerous wholesome ingredients.

You can also consider taking a curcumin supplement alongside your other vitamins to ensure you’re getting enough of the benefits of turmeric. Although it’s harder for your body to absorb it, you can think of adding healthy fat to help your metabolism process it much faster.


As more people learn the advantages of including turmeric in their diets, history and years of scientific research only prove that turmeric provides long-lasting health benefits. By figuring out how you prefer to consume turmeric, you can expect to receive its advantages when you pair it with healthy lifestyle habits.

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