Drinking Coffee On A Keto Diet: Is It Possible?

By Admin Tue, Apr 27, 21

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People who aspire to get back on their feet and jump right into the world of fitness can explore a myriad of trending diets, but keto is by far the most popular despite it being the more restrictive of the bunch. The keto diet primarily consists of a low-carb, high-fat diet, and since it stays away from sugar and grains too, it begs the question: do you have to cut coffee out of your regimen? 

Coffee lovers and avid drinkers of this pick-me-up know how the drink is like liquid gold for many, especially since it’s a staple in most adult’s morning routine. While going keto means you’ll have to sit out on indulging in lattes, there are other ways to enjoy coffee without breaking your diet. 

What are Different Ways to Drink Coffee Without Breaking Your Ketosis?

Black Coffee

Taking coffee without any additives offers plenty of health benefits that can aid your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You can also taste all the nuanced flavors, especially when taking a good shot of espresso, delivering an energizing zeal that promotes high alertness. The best part? Taking coffee black only yields two calories, which means it won’t get in the way of special diets like keto. 

Coffee and Heavy Cream

For people who can’t handle the strong punch of black coffee, you can substitute milk or creamer with a maximum of two tablespoons of heavy cream. The set amount only produces two grams of carbs, which isn’t enough to interrupt your body’s ketosis. Adding a sugar-free sweetener like Stevia is a welcome touch! 

Coffee with Grass-Fed Butter 

A keto diet needs plenty of good fats to bump up your energy levels and make up for the lack of carbs, so adding some grass-fed butter should power up your coffee to the next level. You can even consider the drink as a healthy breakfast since the combination can deliver a wakeful zap to your brain. 

Coffee with MCT Oil 

If grass-fed butter leaves you with an unpleasant taste, then opting for MCT oil is an excellent alternative since it can pack the same punch minus the unfamiliar flavors. Not to mention, adding MCT oil to coffee can also boost your metabolic rate and curb appetite, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone with this power drink.

Coffee and Keto: A Match Made In Heaven 

If you take away all the milk, sugar, and other sweeteners people blend into their coffee, you’ll find that plain, black coffee contains no calories and carbohydrates, making it perfect for anyone on a keto diet. It’s chock-full of health-boosting properties that have little-to-no interruptions with getting your body to go into ketosis. 

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