Does Turmeric Help You Lose Weight? The Truth About the Ancient Medicine

Does Turmeric Help You Lose Weight? The Truth About the Ancient Medicine

by Jasmin NXG

As we age, our body weight tends to go up a little. The average adult gains about one pound per year, so by the time you’re in your fifties, maybe even sixties, it can be hard to stop adding weight. But not all fat is bad for you—in fact, there are a variety of natural substances found in abundance in our diets that can help you lose weight and keep it off. In fact, research shows that curcumin – the active compound found in turmeric — may have special powers when it comes to helping you lose weight.

Turmeric has long been recognized for its potent healing properties. In fact, the yellow powder derived from the curcuminoids found in turmeric is used widely as an powerful spice and coloring agent. It’s also being investigated as a potential alternative treatment for a variety of diseases including cancer and heart disease.

Now that you know what turmeric is and how it works to help you lose weight, you no longer need to guess which type is best for your health. Here’s why this simple spice might just be the answer to your weight problems:

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a powerful yellow pigment found in curry, Indian food in general. It has been used for its curcumin content as well as its high concentration of fiber. Turmeric is one of the most popular herbs used to assist in weight loss. It's widely known that turmeric has a high concentration of curcuminoids, compounds found in the root of the plant known as Zingiber Officinale.

Curcuminoids are potent antioxidants found in high concentrations in turmeric. A 2015 research study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that giving turmeric supplements to humans for six weeks significantly reduced their body mass index (BMI) compared to a control group who received a placebo. This suggests that consuming high doses of curcuminoids from turmeric may have beneficial effects on body weight and BMI.

Turmeric Helps You Lose Weight

You may have heard that turmeric has the ability to help with weight loss. While this claim may sound too good to be true, there is some truth to it. Unfortunately, there is no one, specific turmeric that can help you lose weight. The color, texture, and concentration of the powder can affect the way it interacts with your body and brain. Additionally, its effects vary from person to person based on factors such as:


1. Age 

Everyone’s body structure and weight change as they age, so turmeric may be particularly helpful for those in their sixties and seventies. 


2. Pre-existing conditions 

Fatty liver, diabetes, and heart disease are common in people with conditions like liver or metabolic diseases. As a result, turmeric may have additional benefits for these individuals. 


3. Stress 

We all experience stress from time to time, whether at work or in our daily lives and having too much of it can lead to overthinking, which can make you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus. One study found that turmeric can help reduce stress by improving brain function.



It Has Powerful Healing Properties

The wonderful thing about turmeric is that it’s able to do so much more than just make you feel good. The yellow powder can actually have special properties when it comes to healing your body. The most well-known property of turmeric is its ability to stop the growth of cancer cells, but there are a variety of other benefits it has as a medicine: 


1. It can help with inflammation

While inflammation is necessary for the body to function, it can also be harmful. When it’s reduced, turmeric can help with weight loss. 


2. It can decrease your risk of developing various diseases

Research shows that people who consume the most turmeric have a lower risk of developing heart disease, liver disease, and pancreatic cancer. In fact, researchers believe that the compound curcumin may even protect your brain from the damage caused by aging. 


3. It can help with mood disorders

Mood disorders, like bipolar disorder and major depression, are serious issue that affects people of all ages. Bipolar disorder is a condition in which a person has alternating periods of being manic and very depressed. Major depression is a very serious condition, and while it can be treated, it usually requires a combination of medication and therapy.

Turmeric May Help With Fatty Liver Disease

Another factor that plays into whether or not turmeric helps you lose weight is your health. If you have fatty liver disease, it’s no secret that we need to do something about it. Acute attacks may resolve on their own, but chronic damage can signal a liver fat gain to continue dividing and multiplying. If you have fatty liver disease, you can try taking a turmeric supplement to boost its anti-inflammatory properties. But if you’re still experiencing inflammation, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is likely to help.

It’s been shown to Have Cholesterol-Lowering Effects

Cholesterol is a common but hormone-disrupting compound found in our body. It’s needed for a variety of functions within our bodies, but it’s also one of the primary causes of heart disease. Unfortunately, dietary cholesterol is not able to get into our bodies through our stomachs. Instead, it’s expelled in our stool, where it can damage our stomach cells. When you have elevated cholesterol levels, you can try taking a turmeric supplement to help prevent heart disease.

There’s More Research To Prove This Claim

As we mentioned above, there is a lot of research into the benefits of turmeric. However, it should be noted that many of the studies involved only small samples, were of short duration and were of low quality. Fortunately, the results of these studies are encouraging: One study found that a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in turmeric could prevent bowel parasites and reduce the damage caused to our gut cells by these parasites. Another study focused on curcumin’s ability to reduce insulin levels in people with type 2 diabetes, which can lead to unwanted weight gain.


In addition to its wide range of medical benefits, turmeric can also help you lose weight. The color, texture, and concentration of the powder can affect its effects, but in all cases, the yellow pigment in the spice can stop you from gaining weight. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s time to consider your diet and lifestyle changes. While it may be tempting to try a new diet or weight-loss strategy, remember that the results might not be long-lasting. Turmeric is an ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years as a dietary supplement. The yellow pigment in turmeric can help you lose weight by lowering your blood sugar and improving your cholesterol.

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