Diet and Wellness: Why You Have Fat That Doesn't Go Away

By Admin Mon, Dec 07, 20

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Your goal of losing weight can be harder to achieve more than others. This is because people have unique physiologies that can make it easier or more complicated to reach their fitness goals. Some may have slower-acting metabolism, while others could have a better form and physique to distribute body fat. However, you can’t always blame these factors that you have no control over. To compensate for your body’s somewhat disadvantageous qualities, you need to double down on your fitness and dietary habits to eliminate stubborn body fat.

Developing healthier diet and fitness habits

You have no control over your genetics, but you do have a say in what you eat, when to exercise, and how you handle your daily routines. Unhealthy habits will keep you from having your ideal physique, making any attempts at working out ineffective. A considerable part of losing weight is about your mentality and perseverance to stay healthy. This is why maintaining small yet consistent adjustments to your lifestyle is the true secret to being fit

If you’re wondering what you should avoid, here are three unhealthy habits you should stop doing:

Undereating to lose weight

Although overeating is one way to gain fat, you can also damage your body by eating less. If your dieting doesn’t follow the right increments, your body’s hormones can trigger adverse effects on your metabolism, sleep quality, and energy levels. It’s a defense mechanism to preserve energy and maintain your body’s functions. You must eat an adequate amount of nutritious food while having the appropriate fitness routine to match it to avoid these effects.

Working out without the complementary nutrition

Too much cardio won’t target the specific areas you want to lose weight from, so proper workout routines are necessary to reach your weight goals. Additionally, you should also observe adequate nutrition and hydration. Although it’s important to replenish your energy after cardio, you shouldn’t stuff yourself full of carbs. 

Stick to lean meats and other sources of muscle-healing food. Complementing your diet with your exercise regimen is essential, whether your goal is to bulk up on muscle or drop weight to look leaner.

Unwinding with alcohol and sweets

It’s not uncommon for people to de-stress with a few bottles of alcohol after a long day of work. Alcohol’s effect of activating cortisol in your body gives you that sense of high after dealing with stressful situations. Unfortunately, beer and wine are the two leading contributors to your body’s unwanted calorie intake. Another contributor to high-calorie intake are sweets, which does the same effect of stimulating your brain to release feel-good hormones. These two food types can negate the progress of your weeks of staying healthy in just a few days.

Since these food types aren’t exactly diet-friendly, you should try your best to avoid or lower your consumption of them. Developing healthier habits to de-stress like active meditation, playing sports, and even going out for a walk will be better for your well-being in the long term.


For men, it’s common to have more issues with losing weight on their core and hips. Similarly, women also have a harder time shedding weight in these areas but get thinner from other parts of their body. Although your physique plays a huge role in your weight loss journey, that doesn’t mean you should surrender to them. The trick to battling your physiology’s quirks is to counteract with the right diet and fitness routine.

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