Dark Roast Coffee: All You Need to Know About It - Part 2

By Admin Mon, Oct 26, 20

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In the first part of this guide, we expounded on how famous and curiosity-inducing dark-roast coffee is (and for all the right reasons). After all, if you weren’t so curious about it, you wouldn’t be on this guide in the first place, right? 

As we previously mentioned in our part one (which you can find here), you can never really know enough about dark roast coffee because it’s as detail-packed as it is flavorful. As you continue to satisfy the curiosity of your dark roast coffee interest, you’ll quickly realize that the other points that we’ll expound on can help you appreciate your next daily brew better! 

How famous is dark roast coffee?

Much like moving from mixers to whisky and cigarettes to cigars, switching over to dark roast coffee is synonymous with cultivating a taste for the finer things. Seeing that most people want to get the most out of whatever they get into because of intrinsic intensity, it’s easy to see why dark roasts are popular. With more than 42 percent of American coffee drinkers having a strong preference for dark roasts over light and medium roasts, it’s clear that a brew with a robust flavor profile is a hit among many. 

What makes it so unique? 

Knowing the real value of opting for dark roast coffee can only be achieved by learning the different aspects that make it unique. Let’s look in further detail at the critical components of what makes dark roasts the special sources of caffeine that they are:

  • Flavor: Compared to its light and medium counterparts, dark roast coffee often stands out because its roasting process helps bring out every bean’s nuances in full. When the right bean is roasted for a darker finish, you get to experience and taste more complex flavor notes that fall along the lines of wine, tamarind, chocolate, blueberries, and marshmallows.

  • Aroma: Often considered the partner of flavor in delivering the sensual experience that dark roasts are known to provide, darker coffee’s aroma essentially pieces the whole experience together and reveals each bean’s nuances. After you taste the flavor of a bean, the aroma helps you put two and two together to give you a more profound flavor profile as a whole. Through aroma, you can experience sensations, such as fruitiness, spiciness, and even nuttiness! 

  • How can your health benefit from drinking dark roast coffee?

    Unlike the whole “stronger” perception that most people hold, dark roast coffee’s health benefits are proven real, as demonstrated by science and research from thousands of studies. Let’s go over the most prominent health benefits of going for a darker brew: 

  • It’s easier on the stomach: Although most people who suffer from stomach acidity problems actively avoid drinking coffee, it shouldn’t be the case with darer roasts because they’re stomach-friendly. One study says that darker roasts provide N-methyl pyridinium, which is an ingredient that is revered for its ability to minimize the body’s gastric acid production.

  • It’s highly useful for losing weight: Another crucial benefit of opting for darker roasts is that it’s an excellent option for losing weight. According to a study by Kotyczka, C. et al., drinkers of darker beans experience higher weight reduction levels after the researchers experimented with 30 participants who were made to drink 500ml of dark roast coffee daily. What this means is that having a cup of Lean Joe Bean a day will do your body a whole lot of good if you’re trying to shed excess pounds for a life-changing transformation!

  • Conclusion

    The world of dark roast coffee is well-known for the nuances that make it more unique and exciting than most people may expect it to be, and for all the right reasons. If you’re looking to make the most out of your daily routine and believe that darker roasts give more value in the long run, then it’s clear that your assumptions are correct! 

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