Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee - Top Ingredients to Avoid

By Admin Tue, Sep 29, 20

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Coffee is arguably one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It serves as the perfect companion to an otherwise slow morning, or perhaps an afternoon friend with some cookies and muffins to get you through the rest of the day. It can be prepared in a variety of ways, and individuals have latched onto their respective favorites, such as the classic espresso, the caffe latte, and even instant coffee. Done right, drinking coffee can help you lose weight, give you a boost of energy, and so much more.

These days, however, coffee can be made with various ingredients. Milk, creamers, and sugar are the top contenders, but people oftentimes take coffee experimenting too far. Most of the time, things are added to coffee that shouldn’t be there at all, as they make for some of the unhealthiest cups around.

To ensure that you always remain with a good cup of coffee, here are three ingredients that you must avoid at all costs:

Ingredient #1: Artificial sweeteners

People enjoy a teaspoon or two of their sugars, but people often go for artificial sweeteners in the hopes of mitigating the negative effects of sugar. Unfortunately, these so-called “healthy” alternatives can do more harm than good. Prolonged use of artificial sweeteners can lead to a weight gain and body mass increase, as these are imbued with compounds that affect your natural and healthy gut bacteria.

In the worst-case scenario, these artificial sweeteners can weaken your body entirely. If you wish to cut back on the sugar, use natural options like coco or muscovado sugar—better yet, train yourself to drink with no sugars at all!

Ingredient #2: Non-dairy creamer

Creamers are essential to creating the perfect cup of coffee for many people. The choices are extensive, as you can put anywhere from milk to powdered dairy creamer, but the worst ingredients are non-dairy creamers.

The liquid versions of these coffee companions come with highly-processed sugars, and the powdered versions come with twice as many of these bad ingredients. Most of it comes with hydrogenated oil and trans fats, both of which are not good for your body. If you wish to enjoy a creamy coffee in the morning without the detrimental health effects, it’s best to stick to milk.

Ingredient #3: Flavored syrup

The age of frappuccinos and coffee ice cream shakes are dominant in today’s society, and while indulging in these sugar monsters can be welcome once in a while, too much of it can lead to damaging health effects. Most coffee lovers believe that mixing coffee with flavored syrup can help elevate their cups, but the truth is that a single dollop contains an unthinkable amount of sugar.

Sugar-free flavored syrup is also just as bad, as these can increase your cravings and appetite, ultimately urging you to swallow down more calories than necessary. If you wish to enjoy a sweet cup of coffee, it’s best to stick to sugar. If you truly wish to elevate the experience, try a good scoop of honey.

The Undeniable Magic of Coffee

Coffee is a beverage enjoyed all over the world, and for good reasons—not only is it good, but it’s also highly flexible. People have developed special ways of making coffee unique to their cultures, and this has likely inspired your coffee endeavors. Highly adaptable though coffee may be, bear in mind that some things just don’t mix well with it. That said, keep your coffee as healthy as possible and try to stay away from the aforementioned ingredients.

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