Coffee Hacks: Why You Should Add Turmeric to Your Brew

By Admin Tue, Jun 23, 20

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Coffee has long been an essential part of people’s early mornings and late nights. Whether it’s to keep them up after office hours or to keep them energized throughout the day, the smell and taste of coffee allow them to go past their body’s limits.

Different blends of coffee have popped up over the years to improve its effectiveness, together with adding unique health benefits as well. Turmeric is one ingredient that has been incorporated with coffee, which has made it not only an energizing drink but also rich with active medical properties that can prevent and, in some cases, cure diseases.

Evolving coffee trends

Various coffee blends have experimented with natural substances that range from mushroom to cannabis, each with its own claim of providing increased health benefits for multiple purposes. The inclusion of turmeric coffee in cafes’ menus is an initiative to bring healthier options to attract health-conscious consumers.

Its powerful medical properties have made it a popular choice for baristas all around the world since turmeric contains curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant that also has anti-inflammation and anti-microbial properties. It’s also an excellent natural remedy for detoxifying one’s body or alleviating body pain.

Understanding curcumin’s health benefits

Turmeric’s main ingredient, curcumin, fights inflammation in the body that can come from different medical complications, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Osteoarthritis, together with various heart diseases and digestive system complications. Besides its anti-inflammation properties, turmeric’s quality as a robust antioxidant helps in the neutralization of free radicals.

Free radicals are a byproduct of unhealthy food and habits, such as eating processed food and smoking. These cause various health complications like premature aging and even the development of cancer. Curcumin binds itself to the free radicals to neutralize their effects while also it builds a more reliable immune system that can fight the presence of new free radicals in your body.

Adding turmeric to your brew

If you want to make the most out of turmeric while including it to your coffee, a full teaspoon is enough to give your body a boost. Turmeric coffee’s bitter taste can make it overwhelming for first-timers looking to add it to their brew, which is why cafes make it a practice to serve turmeric with other ingredients to soften the taste.

A dash of ground ginger or citrus zest to your drink can balance the enhanced bitterness of your coffee. If you’re looking to increase its health benefits, you can add a pinch of black pepper to increase turmeric’s bioavailability to over 2,000%. This allows your food to adjust the amount of proportion of your food that enters your bloodstream.


There’s a growing trend of consumers who are becoming more conscious about the products they buy and the services they order. A shift towards environmentally-friendly and natural products reminds us that our lifestyles up to this point have been causing considerable damage to the earth. This affects not only our buying habits but also our lifestyles.

The development of natural brews, such as turmeric coffee, is a reminder that your choice to be a healthy consumer starts with being open to natural remedies that help you lead a healthier life.

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