Coffee for All: Why MCT Oil Belongs in Your Daily Cup - Part 2

By Admin Mon, Nov 02, 20

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Welcome to the second part of our “Coffee Made Better: Why MCT Oil Belongs In Your Daily Cup” guide. This is a continuation that we best believe is justified because of how much there is to learn about this amazing supplement! 

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A quick rundown on MCT

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are a type of healthy fat that is derived from various sources, such as coconut oil, dairy, and palm oil.

Compared to other healthy fat sources on the market today, the main aspect that makes MCT oil so special is its medium-length chains that make way for a quicker absorption. The faster absorption of caprylic and capric acids, in turn, deliver a host of health benefits right to the places where they’re needed the most! 

Among the different ways you can consume this oil, the most beneficial and convenient one is consuming the supplement in a daily coffee dose. Much like “bulletproof” coffee or other similar approaches, the addition of a highly-beneficial fat into a piping-hot (or cold) brew makes way for a more effective delivery in the long run! 

What makes MCT oil a must-add for any cup of coffee 

As we discussed in the first part of our two-part article, MCT oil offers a host of different health benefits that amplify drinking coffee’s overall nutritional value. To understand why it pays to start adding a few drops into your daily staple, let’s continue running down the list of different benefits in further detail:

Benefit #2: Adding MCT oil makes way for tremendous rates of weight loss

When you hear health buffs back up medium-chain triglycerides with claims of significant weight loss, it’s best to understand that these aren’t exaggerated claims because they’re actually backed by science. 

The primary ability of MCT oil to facilitate the experience of weight loss comes from the fact that it’s been shown to boost the release of two hormones that contribute to the feeling of fullness. Both leptin and peptide YY has been linked to conducive weight loss processes because they trick the mind into lessening its intake, and MCT oil brings out these two better than other sources. 

According to this study, researchers discovered that people taking two tablespoons of MCT oil as part of their breakfast ate far less than those taking coconut oil. What this essentially means is that taking a regular serving of the natural source of healthy fat makes it easier to control your cravings and prevent overeating — two keys to effective long-term weight loss! 

Benefit #3: Taking more MCT oil daily helps cut down the risk factors of heart disease

Beyond weight loss, one of the most significant benefits of a continued intake of medium-chain triglycerides in coffee is that it is heavily linked to the reduction of heart disease risk factors.

Considering that heart diseases are a growing problem for many Americans, it pays to start being aware of your efforts to keep fighting the disease proactively. Thankfully, cutting out problems like excess weight and cholesterol while making way for other benefits is critical for keeping heart diseases at bay.

One study conducted a series of experiments on 24 overweight men by making them take phytosterols and flaxseed oil combined with MCT oil for 29 days. After that period, a series of measurements revealed that the average total cholesterol across all test subjects was reduced by 12.5 percent, making it highly beneficial alongside the presence of supported weight loss. Additionally, the same study also discovered that the intake of MCT oil helped increase HDL production (“good cholesterol”), which is considered a great way to combat heart disease! 


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is one of the most impactful products in the modern age that allows any coffee drinker to double down on their efforts to become more health-conscious in the long and short run. As you stock up on coffee that includes the ingredient in question or add oil to every drink yourself, it will be far easier to boost the nutritional content of your daily regimen in no time! 

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