Coffee for All: Why MCT Oil Belongs in Your Daily Cup - Part 1

By Admin Mon, Nov 02, 20

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To any coffee-drinking health buff, a clear fact that can’t be ignored is that a daily serving of bean juice can always be improved with different products on the market.

Compared to the olden days where milk and sugar were the only “extras” for coffee, there is a near-limitless number of add-ons that can be added to a daily cup. Today, it is no longer strange to see someone put butter in their coffee, add almond milk to a latte, or drop a bit of CBD oil into a tall, piping-hot Americano. 

Thanks to the health revolution and sustainable grocery options, modern coffee drinking comes with an infinite number of possibilities that allow it to become healthier and more enjoyable at the same time. Among the different ingredients you can put into a cup of coffee, however, there’s one that you should consider more: MCT oil. 

What is MCT?

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is the latest revolutionary health product that continues to be stocked in copious amounts on the shelves of specialist stores and health-focused grocers.

Technically defined as a substance composed of medium-length chains of healthy fats (triglycerides), this substance is now heavily consumed and used in drinks, one of which is coffee. 

Compared to other supplements, the critical factor that makes this addition stand out so well is the fact that their shorter length allows them to be easily digested. As a result, the shorter length helps foster a much more beneficial approach to how your body and its digestive system processes fats and gets valuable nutrients out of them!   

Where does it come from?

When it comes to sources, MCT oil can be sourced and processed from an array of different healthy fats that are widely manufactured today. 

Most products on the market, in particular, are extracted from coconut oil because of its quicker absorption rates compared to other options. In fact, more than half of the fat in coconut oil comes from or is classified as MCTs. However, the product in question can also be sourced from alternative options, such as palm oil and dairy products (like milk and butter)! 

What types of MCT oil are used for consumption?

Medium-chain triglycerides typically come in four different forms, which are catered to specific purposes and have unique properties. For coffee, the best options are caprylic and capric acids, which make way for much better absorption rates as the body grows accustomed to the intrinsic properties of the product itself. 

What does your body get out of adding MCT oil to your coffee?

When it comes to gauging the overall value that MCT oil can provide, it’s worth noting that it’s more than just some “health fad” with little-to-no substance on a deeper level. If you’re curious about why it pays to add this supplement to your daily cup (and why Lean Joe Bean includes it in its products), here are the main benefits that will explain it all: 

Benefit #1: Constant intake of extra triglycerides helps boost brain power

Many coffee drinkers want to include MCT oil in their daily coffee cups because of its significant effect on the amount of energy that it provides to the brain for better productivity. 

The oil’s ability to be conducive for rapid absorption for the body is a key function to note here because it makes it much easier to deliver necessary nutrients right to the brain for use. Compared to LCTs that require a complex bile chain breakdown, MCTs go straight to the liver and enter the cells without being broken down, making them easy for the brain to pick up as immediate energy! 

(Did you think that this was the end of our benefits list? Well, it definitely isn’t – stay tuned for our part two to learn more about the benefits of having MCT oil in your coffee!)


Among the different health crazes that the world has seen today with the cups of coffee that people drink daily, adding MCT oil to every cup is easily one of the best developments by far. With a host of health benefits and advanced biochemistry offering amazing results, it’s easy to see why adding this substance is highly recommended for anyone looking for a healthier daily serving! 

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