Coffee Diets For Weight Loss— Done the Right Way!

By Admin Tue, Jun 09, 20

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As the staple of morning routines aplenty, coffee has established its place in the world as a drink that never goes out of style.

Regardless of whether you like it black, with a little cream, or with a lot of sugar, there’s no denying that for many of us, a day can’t be complete without a cup or two. Aside from offering that morning energy, though, coffee is a way to get your dream body in the most sustainable way possible.

In recent years, this natural pick-me-up has become a tool for weight loss and great health. Despite the fact that it’s a great drink for staying in shape, however, the truth about coffee is that it doesn’t help lose weight as quickly as many would hope. In fact, the only way it truly shines is with enough exercise and a good diet.

Fortunately, coffee can still very much be an effective way to lose weight and get your body into tip-top shape—especially when you use it the right way.

Well, what do we mean by “the right way”?

We’re talking about a proper coffee diet.

What is it?

Let’s get one thing straight: a coffee diet doesn’t mean you should drink nothing but coffee throughout the day. In fact, a drink-only liquid extravaganza will only promote problems in your body. You’d be wise to treat it as a supplement instead.

When taken properly and with the right amount of knowledge in mind, a proper diet combined with regular exercise can help bring out the amazing benefits that caffeine bears on losing excess pounds. With only 100 mg of caffeine a day (found in only one cup of coffee), the body can burn up to an extra nine calories per hour while effectively suppressing the appetite—both keys to weight-loss success!

Using coffee the right way for weight loss

It is worth noting that the calorie-burning properties of caffeine alone can wear off after some time, so it makes it far more important to let coffee work around your current set-up rather than the other way around.

If you’re looking for the most effective and sustainable way to use coffee in meeting your weight-loss goals, here are a few tips that you can use with your daily cup of coffee:

Partner it with a caloric deficit

The best way to see consistent weight loss when drinking your coffee is to make sure that you’re cutting out enough calories to properly lose weight. By coupling your coffee with the right calorie deficit, you’ll be able to see amazing, yet stable results in no time—especially if you’re starting your day with some Lean Joe Bean functional coffee!

Cut out the excess

While they may be great for making a cup of coffee taste great, creamer and sugar can take your weight loss efforts right off the rails if you don’t know how to balance them out at all. If you’re looking to lose weight the right way, you’re much better off cutting out the creamer and sugar so that you can bring your calories down and avoid giving your body extra fat and energy it doesn’t need!


With the right tips in mind, it’s easy to turn your cup of coffee into an effective supplement for your weight loss regimen without having to do anything drastic or outright foolish!

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