Coffee and Carnitine: The Secret to Weight Loss?

By Admin Mon, Oct 26, 20

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Weight loss seems to be easier for some than it is for others. While everybody knows that exercise can help a person shed the pounds, there’s another factor that’s much trickier to control: diet. 

There are some kinds of food and beverages that can contribute to weight loss, and you might have wondered at one point if something like tea or coffee can help you lose weight. Learning how to eat the right food to burn your fat without losing muscle is all part of nutrition—which can help the number on the scale drop more efficiently. 

This is where getting down to the basics of biology comes in handy. While you may not be a nutritionist, knowing about the fat burning substances in your food can help you eat more wisely and lose more weight effectively. One of the fat burners that are becoming more and more well-known is L-carnitine. 

What is L-carnitine, and how does it work?

L-carnitine sounds complicated, but simply put: it’s a protein that oxidizes fatty acids in a part of the cell called the mitochondria, which produces energy. 

If you were to imagine how it works, L-carnitine ferries fatty acids from your bloodstream into the mitochondria so they can be used for energy. In other words, if you want to burn fat instead of using the carbohydrate energy stores your body has, you need L-carnitine in your body.

Sources of L-carnitine

This occurs in many different kinds of food, such as poultry and fish, and dairy products, like milk, yogurt, and cheese. These are also commonly found in some supplements and products, such as in weight loss coffee, especially for dieters and bodybuilders looking to shed fat and gain lean muscle. 

Carnitine is not just for people who eat fish and meat. There are also vegan options for food that naturally contain L-carnitine. While non-vegetarian food options rich in L-carnitine have a wider selection to choose from, there are still ways that a vegan diet can accommodate more of this substance. 

Here is an example of a food plan that vegans can opt for:

Breakfast Lemon water

Nuts, sprouts

Pre-lunch Green tea

Lunch Asparagus, spinach, tomato salad

Corn salad

Chili (kidney bean)

Snack Coconut water or fresh fruit juice

Dinner Lentil soup

Bell pepper stuffed chickpeas

Sautéd spinach and beans

A diet like this is rich in L-carnitine and promotes weight loss, as some elements suppress the appetite in addition to the modest calorie intake. 

While the goal is to lose weight, it’s important for meals to remain protein-rich and filling. Supplementing it with beverages like green tea and coconut water can introduce antioxidants and boost cellular metabolism for an even better effect.

The importance of exercise

L-carnitine might sound like the holy grail fat loss solution that many people have been waiting for. However, incorporating it into your diet is not enough. One must exercise for this to work. This is because the abundance of energy waiting to be used up in your cells will be stored as fat again if not lost to some form of physical activity. Those on a weight loss journey don’t want to recycle the fat they’ve pulled into their cells to use up as energy—so exercise is vital. 

Several exercise plans work well for different people. The most important part is consistency and minding your calories burned versus your intake. Moderate to intense exercise three to five times a week is a good rule of thumb for most people, while others who have slower metabolisms might want to consider increasing this frequency to five or six times a week. Exercises, such as walking, running, yoga, dancing, and even meditation, can help you lose weight. 


The journey to weight loss can be a difficult one. There are many ways that your diet or exercise habits can become the very obstacle you are trying to hurdle over to reach your goals. Having a supplement or a product in your everyday staples (like black coffee, that helps weight loss) can make it easier for you to reach your target weight. With every little bit of help, you can conquer the scale and your health. 

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