Coffee 101: Healthy Ingredients to Enhance Your Coffee Experience

By Admin Thu, Aug 13, 20

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If you've been drinking coffee for a long time, you may have found yourself continually wondering how it would affect your health. It's essential to know that coffee and weight loss go hand in hand to achieve your desired health goals—but only if you use the right ingredients and avoid the unhealthier ones!

With its numerous health benefits and great tasting flavor, people can't seem to go a day without having a warm cup of coffee or a cold latte to set your morning right. That one cup can ultimately set the tone of your day, which is why it’s crucial to get the best cup to have a smooth vibe all over your morning.

To those who might be thinking of jazzing up your routine, did you know it's possible to mix other ingredients into your brew? Read on further below to learn about the array of healthy components you can add to enhance your coffee experience.


Cinnamon is the perfect ingredient that infuses flavor and taste without worrying about additional calories. Just by adding a mere sprinkle over your cup, and you can get the right amount of sweetness that allows you to skip the sugar while receiving the healthy antioxidants you need for the day!

If you didn't know, cinnamon could also act as a natural medicine because of its array of protective properties and nutritious minerals, like iron and calcium. It's an ingredient used to improve your immune system, decrease your blood sugar, and prevent heart conditions.

For best serving suggestions, including half a teaspoon of cinnamon into your coffee can significantly upgrade the taste of your coffee. If you've got cinnamon sticks, however, then mix one into your drink until it's diluted for the best experience!

Vanilla Extract

If you like your coffee with a hint of sweetness, it's not always healthy to rely on sugar and artificial sweeteners. Instead, you could pour tiny drops of pure vanilla extract to your beverage to liven it up!

It's considered a superfood that increases your mental performance, sets your mood right, and affects your brain functions. Besides that, vanilla extract can minimize joint issues, lower stress levels, and eliminate stomach problems and digestive ailments.

For great results, dribble small drops of pure vanilla extract into your cup or even your pot of coffee. If you've got vanilla beans at home, you can also combine them with your coffee to enrich your drink's overall flavor!

Cayenne Pepper

For fans who can’t get enough of anything spicy, incorporating a touch of cayenne pepper into your morning drink is the perfect way to enhance your routine! This works best for those days where you didn't get enough sleep the night before, but need to stay up and survive the day.

Cayenne pepper is the perfect ingredient to give you that much-needed jolt in your morning. Aside from that, it is known to help cure stomach issues and appetite problems. On top of that, the seasoning is also known to take care of headaches, digestion troubles, and heart conditions!

For a unique twist, scatter bits of cayenne pepper into your drink and stir accordingly. If your tolerance to spice isn't that high, you can blend it with milk and sugar to decrease its intensity.


You've probably heard of the trend that celebrities and influencers are going crazy for—adding butter to their coffee regimen. That's because butter serves as an additional energy booster to help increase brain functions and support weight loss. People on a keto diet can vouch for that!

For significant effects, use a tiny amount of melted butter into your coffee mixture and blend them well together. Butter is an ingredient that contains omega-3 and vitamin K, which are suitable for the body.


Adding unique ingredients to your coffee improves its taste and strengthens its flavor with each gulp. Its warm, comforting aroma sets your mood right to prepare you for the day ahead. What makes it even better is the added health boost it provides to make that morning cup an energizing and refreshing one to add to your daily routine!

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