Can Coffee Suppress Your Appetite and Increase Metabolism?

By Admin Tue, Feb 23, 21

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Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning brings about a lot of perks. It helps you keep yourself awake and gives you a boost of energy. But what if coffee can also help you in improving your body?


There’s been debate on whether coffee increases or suppresses your appetite. It would be completely ideal for a frappucino to decrease your desire for food and sweets. However, the results depend on what kind of coffee you’re getting and when you’ll be drinking it.


Caffeine and Decaf

You can take your pick between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine, in itself, is a stimulant for the brain and nervous system. It helps your entire being feel less tired and more attentive.


Coffee normally contains a lot of caffeine, which can go a long way in suppressing your appetite. It can also boost your metabolism and burn calories. However, studies have proven that decaffeinated is more effective than caffeinated when it comes to appetite suppressants.

Decaf coffee helps you avoid any spikes of starvation due to peptide tyrosine-tyrosine. In simpler terms, this particular component of decaf helps your stomach feel full and reduce hunger. It can be handy to include it in your diet any time you’re having any glutton-related problems.


Consuming Coffee

Try not to make your coffee in the early morning. Although dubbed as the average time to drink coffee, consuming it right after waking up isn’t too optimal for your health. It won’t subdue your appetite either.

Try to get a better night’s sleep. Deep sleep will refresh you and help you feel a little more energized in the morning without depending on coffee. It won’t be regular right away, but giving yourself a start and slowly transitioning to a better daily routine and sleep schedule can help.


Mid-morning or pre-afternoon coffee is better for you. You can still get that feeling of awakeness coffee provides if you’re still a little sluggish between 9 am and 11 am. Drinking coffee earlier than lunch will also lessen your desire to eat a lot of food. You can also consider a cup before dinner, but health experts encourage caffeine enthusiasts to stop drinking coffee after 2 pm.


Weight Loss

Targeting and speeding up your metabolism is one of the best ways to lose weight. Exercising and a well-balanced diet can help you achieve the body you want. Now, you can add another tool to the mix.

Coffee can slightly boost your metabolism for a short amount of time. There have been studies associating coffee with burning fat and decreased weight. This revelation bodes well for any coffee lovers looking to slim down.

It’s also a plus that sugar added in coffee doesn’t lessen the effects of suppressing appetite and reducing hunger. You don’t need to take your coffee unsweetened and black to reap the benefits. Just add a small packet to your coffee cup.



Coffee enthusiasts will be delighted to know that coffee can indeed help in keeping your appetite and metabolism in check. Abundant in its advantages, this delightful drink is definitely worth incorporating into your daily schedule. Just remember to have coffee in moderation. Too much or too little of something can be bad.

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