Caffeine and L-Theanine: 9 Ways to Enjoy The Best Combo for Energy

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Do you ever wonder what caffeine and L-theanine have to do with each other, and why one would be considered better than the other? These are very good questions.

Caffeine is a natural substance found in many foods. It can help keep your energy levels up throughout the day, which is why it’s so popular. In fact, when you combine caffeine with L-theanine, it has been proven to produce one of the best energy combinations for focus, alertness, and overall well-being. Read on to learn more!

What is Caffeine?

Caffeine, like many things we consume, has a variety of names. For example, it is sometimes called caffeine-free coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and blue coffee. In many countries, it is also referred to as black coffee. In the UK, it is sometimes called simply coffee. In the United States, it is also called stimulants, and is often prescribed for patients with attention-deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

What is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine is a natural amino acid found in many plants, especially green tea and red wine. It is also found in lesser amounts in certain meat products, grains, and vegetables. It is often added to coffees, teas, and some drinks as a means to enhance their caffeine and/or carbonated beverage-like taste.

How Does Caffeine and L-Theanine Works?

Coffee contains caffeine and l-theanine which are naturally occurring caffeine-like stimulants. However, when caffeine and l-theanine are combined in an extract, the caffeine stays inactivated while the l-theanine is released into the body where it can promote relaxation, improve sleep, and balance the nervous system. Caffeine and l-theanine are found in many green and red tea extracts, and to a lesser extent, instant coffee.

Caffeine and l-theanine are both natural ingredients found in green tea. They work together to keep you going throughout the day. When taken at the same time, they help to produce more energy. They do this by releasing energy-boosting adenosine receptors in the brain, which causes your brain to create more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecules. In simple terms, this means that caffeine and l-theanine work together to make you feel alert and awake all day long!

How to Enjoy The Energy Combo?

What’s the best energy mix? Coffee, tea, or a shot of espresso? The truth is – we all prefer different drinks for specific types of activities. But when it comes to getting the most out of our workouts, we can all agree on one thing: A good cup of joe is a must-have. In fact, according to experts at Beyond Fitness and Beyond Nutrition, 80 percent of fitness professionals around the globe consider coffee a key ingredient in an effective workout plan. And with good reason: It offers a wealth of benefits that go beyond helping you get ready for class and into your workouts.

Nowadays, most people are too aware of the negative effects of caffeine. In fact, studies show that regular exposure to high amounts of this stimulant over a long period of time can actually reduce alertness, learning capacity, and cognitive ability in people.

This makes sense when you think about it: When we’re stressed or anxious (or simply looking to unwind after a hectic day), our bodies respond by production more cortisol which has the opposite effect on brain function than expected. On top of that, caffeine intake also increases concentrations of free radicals in the body which can lead to various health problems like acne as well as diabetes and heart disease among other things.

Fortunately though… there are ways to enjoy your morning cup without damaging your health! Here are 9 tips on how to enjoy the best caffeine and l-theanine combination for energy without ruining.



1. Choose the right type of beans for your goals.

There are many benefits of beans versus grounds in the coffee. Grounds are typically filled with chemicals and toxins while beans are decaffeinated and provide a clean, less-inflammatory energy boost. Grains also have a higher concentration of sodium while beans have less than 200 mg of sodium per cup. In addition, there are many different types of coffee beans available with unique properties. For example, you can purchase organic coffee beans that are specific for building muscle and losing fat. You can also try to find coffee substitutes in order to enjoy the same benefits of coffee without the harmful side effects.



2. Choose your own.

Once you know what works for you, there’s no telling what you can do with an L-theanine-free product. You might find that a cup of coffee isn’t such a good idea for you after all. For example, try 1/4 cup of coffee beans, 1/4 cup of Nuts, and 1/4 cup of Almonds without the L-theanine. You may find that the caffeine and the nuts are too much for you. Almonds and other nuts have 10 times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as fish and salmon while being low in calories and fat. On the other hand, fish is a healthy option but can be high in lead and mercury which doesn’t make it a good choice for pregnant women or children.



3. Incorporate it into your diet. 


You may have heard that you shouldn’t feed your brain fuel since it will just cause stress and result in more harm than good. Well, food is fuel too but you should think about it from an L-theanine perspective. For example, look at the serving size for a cup of coffee – whole beans contain about 100-150 mg of theanine, in addition to caffeine, lipids, and minerals. On the other hand, decaf coffee has only about 25-40 mg of theanine in a single cup and doesn’t even come close to the benefits of a cup of coffee. You could try taking a multivitamin along with your L-theanine supplement to help you get the most out of your caffeine intake.



4. Add some healthy fats to your workout routine. 

Coffee has a reputation for being a dry drink but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or that you shouldn’t add some flavor to your workout routine. In fact, adding healthy fats to your routine not only boosts your energy level but also helps prevent cellular damage, strengthening your body while improving your health. For example, olive oil is one of the richest sources of monounsaturated fats which not only improves your cardiovascular health but also makes your skin look and feel more youthful thanks to its high content of vitamin E.



5. Don’t forget to refuel with a snack or two after working out too!

If you’re not taking care of yourself properly during your workouts, you might end up with a post-workout crash. This is very common after strenuous exercises such as lifting or sprinting, as your body is still trying to get back to its pre-exercise state. If you’re not eating a proper meal (check out this post on how to eat for a workout – don’t forget to hydrate!), you’re likely going to get hungry an hour or two after your workout. This is when a snack such as almonds or walnuts would be very helpful.



6. Strive for balance in your day-to-day routine.

There is a lot of information out there about which vitamins and minerals you should be consuming in order to get the most out of your workouts. However, the truth is that most of it are irrelevant since we get our energy from the nutrients we consume. For example, iron is necessary for everyone but you’re likely to get enough from food. Niacin is also important for everyone but we get it from food. Vitamin B6 is important for everyone but we get it from food. Vitamin C is important for everyone but we get it from food. And vitamin D is important for everyone but we get it from the sun!



7. Don’t overdo the L-theanine. 

L-theanine is the main ingredient in caffeine and tea but it’s not found in coffee. However, theanine is a natural amino acid found in many plant and plant-based foods like chokeberry, kiwi, and turmeric. Caffeine and theanine go hand in hand because caffeine is a stimulant and theanine is an anti-stimulant. Theanine, however, can be a little tricky to drink because it’s usually found in dietary supplements. If you’re not sure what to drink for your workout, you could always mix it with water or orange juice to make it more palatable. Furthermore, avoid overdoing it with caffeine since you don’t want to end up with negative side effects like jitteriness or insomnia.



8. For an energizing effect, use it before exercise.


When you’re working out, your body is trying to use energy to produce force and move forward. But your muscles only have so much energy to go around, so if you’re taking in more energy than your body can use, you end up with lactic acid build-up in your muscles. You can avoid this by drinking a latte or cappuccino an hour before your workout. Then, drink an extra latte or cappuccino the next day to get the full potential out of your



9. Make sure you’re drinking the right amount of coffee for your fitness routine.

You should aim to drink between 1 and 3 standard drinks (or cups) of coffee per day. While the exact amount you should drink will vary depending on your health and fitness goals, we can all agree on one thing: A lot of coffee is bad for us. A single cup of coffee contains about 100-150 mg of caffeine, along with a wide variety of other chemicals and toxins that can seriously mess with your psyche. In fact, regular intake of even small amounts of caffeine over a long period of time can seriously mess with your ability to function optimally at work or in your studies.

Unfortunately, how much coffee you should be drinking and how often you should be drinking depend on a lot of factors such as your health, weight, and schedule. For example, people who want to increase their sprinting speed should limit themselves to running on an empty stomach. On the other hand, a person who wants to maintain their muscle mass and improves their endurance should be able to drink as much coffee as they want, when they want. However, don’t let your intake of coffee control your life – Make sure you know the right amount for you!



As you can see from the list above, caffeine and l-theanine are a great pair. They work together to treat a variety of health issues, from insomnia to narcolepsy. Although caffeine is the king of stimulants, it has very low levels of jitter and anxiety. In fact, it has less jitter and anxiety-inducing properties than the amino acid l-theanine. If you’re looking for a caffeine alternative that has similar energizing properties, check out the following caffeine and l-theanine combinations: green tea, chamomile, guarana, kola, yerba matuta, and more!


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