Breaking Down Your Brew: What to Know About Turmeric Latte

By Admin Mon, Jan 11, 21

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Turmeric latte is becoming a popular trend for many coffee enthusiasts, which is no question why many people are wondering what’s exactly the big deal about it. Turmeric lattes contain golden turmeric, cinnamon, and nutmeg, steamed to perfection as a milk beverage. This hot drink does more than look pretty in your Instagram profile; it also gives you plenty of nutritional benefits.

Developing healthier lifestyle choices

We’re now in the age where global warming and uncertain futures are now the norm. Although the unknown of the future can look bleak, there are numerous ways that people are realigning their priorities in life. Part of it is in developing sustainable practices in conserving energy and helping the environment.

Another movement that is gaining a lot of traction in recent years is the production of natural food blends. Proper exercise and nutrition is the key to live a healthier life. This is why it’s necessary to discover and integrate herbs and other organic solutions to improve and maintain your well-being.

Infusing turmeric with your morning beverages

Using herbal ingredients, like turmeric, is one of the many popular trends that the wave of healthy consumers are adding to their diets. Many people are infusing turmeric in dishes and beverages because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Although it’s a common ingredient in Asian and Middle Eastern cooking, it’s only in recent years that it’s gaining popularity worldwide as a special ingredient in brews and food supplements.

Turmeric as an herbal remedy was already popular as a natural solution to cuts and acne. It can also function as an herbal antibiotic with its potent medicinal properties. The yellow juice and smell can seem too strong to mix in any delicious meal. However, turmeric is great to add in food and drinks, whether in juice or powder form. Besides warming you up for a day ahead or keeping you up during a long night, turmeric latte does more than give you an energy boost; it also nourishes your skin and reduces joint pain.

Discovering Haldi Doodh or golden turmeric milk

Although herbal ingredients are most commonly taken through tea, it’s actually better for the body to absorb turmeric when mixed with warm milk. Because the herb itself has low bioavailability, its nutrients are easily released on their own. Cow’s milk gives an added impact of sheltering its compounds within fats and proteins to make it easier for your body to digest.

Turmeric milk can be as simple as adding a serving of turmeric to a cup of steaming milk. However, some recipes include pepper, garnish, or saffron petals for better texture and taste. The turmeric lattes that baristas offer in cafes also have other nutritional ingredients like ginger and nutmeg to add to their spice and kick. This results in the Haldi Doodh’s golden milk appearance, making it a beverage that should be on your must-try list.


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