The Best Way to Use a Coffee Pod for the Perfect Coffee Cup

By Admin Tue, May 11, 21

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There are a number of reasons why people absolutely love coffee. There are also many types of coffee, as well as ways it's served. Some people take coffee specifically to lose weight. While instant coffees are readily available in sachets that just require hot water, many still prefer the classic coffee machine.

What's the best way to set up a coffee machine?

Just plugging it in and waiting for it to produce your daily cup of joe is all good. However, it's actually worth looking into the settings of your coffee machine. That way, it can provide you the smart coffee your tastebuds will love. 

It's not that complicated, either. The default setting for a vast majority of coffee machines rests between a pair of buttons: short pour, long pour. A good rule of thumb is to have the button for the short pour set to 25ml, while the button for the longer pour is at 40ml.

What's the ideal way for a perfect cup of coffee to be made?

First things first, let's break a misconception. In order to get a longer coffee, far too many people just overload their coffee pod with a torrent of water. The effects are actually somewhat off: the resulting coffee will be bitter and quite weak. Taste-wise, that's not exactly what anyone wants in their coffee, is it? When a coffee pod gets a lot of water poured through it, the coffee's actual flavor won't shine through. 

For some people trying to move from long to short, using that method makes coffee that’s not as strong. Unfortunately, it's more likely that strength is being mistaken as able to manifest through bitterness. A number of coffee enthusiasts swear by going the short way for excellent coffee no matter what pod machine or brand coffee is being used. That said, it should be noted that this doesn't mean long shot coffee is awful. It also doesn't mean it's any less good! 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the personal taste of the person preparing and drinking the coffee.

Why do some coffees from home kitchens have a weaker taste than cafe-bought ones?

The flavor in coffee capsules is not weaker by nature. If anything, it's not really a question of the pod being used. The secret lies more in how much coffee is being used. An espresso is usually made with coffee that's around 11g when a barista does it in a cafe. On the other hand, a coffee capsule generally has 5.5g coffee in it. 

The cafe vibe is very possible in one's kitchen simply by using two pods instead of one. Looking for something milky? Have a base with two espressos, topping it off with milk. 


Coffee is well-loved all over the world for many reasons, and the “perfect cup” varies from person to person. A great way to create the best cup of coffee is by making sure the right settings are used on a coffee machine, using two pods if you're aiming for a cafe feel, and avoiding running too much water over your pod.

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