Benefits of Green Tea That You Might Not Know About

By Admin Tue, Sep 07, 21

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Green tea is one of the most popular beverages and is known to be the best detox tea that you can take to improve your health. It offers a plethora of benefits, some of which you already know about, like fat loss, lower risk of heart disease, and more. 

However, there’s so much more to green tea than what you probably are aware of. Here are some of them:

It May Help Improve the Way Your Brain Functions

Green tea effectively keeps you up and alert, but more than that, it can also help give your brain function a boost. It is because the key active ingredient of green tea is caffeine. 

While it doesn’t contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, sipping tea is enough to get a response from your brain without experiencing any jittery side effects that often come with too much caffeine intake. It can improve several aspects of the brain, including your mood, reaction time, vigilance, and memory. 

Apart from caffeine, green tea also has other brain-boosting compounds like amino acid L-theanine that can increase the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA, which offers anti-anxiety effects. Also, it helps increase dopamine and boosts the production of alpha waves in one’s brain. When combined, caffeine and L-theanine have synergistic effects, so the result is so much better. 

It May Encourage Fat Burning

If you have ever taken any fat-burning drink or supplement before, then you most likely have heard of green tea. After all, it’s one of the top ingredients of any slimming product out there. It may be because green tea is proven to be effective in improving metabolic rate and fat burning. 

It May Help Lower the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is the result of the uncontrolled growth of cells. To date, cancer remains one of the most common causes of death worldwide. 

Oxidative damage leads to chronic inflammation that then develops into chronic diseases and then might progress to cancer. Antioxidants from green tea are necessary to fight oxidative damage. Sipping green tea on a regular basis can help keep you safe from certain types of cancer, including breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer, among others. 

It Can Help Fight Bad Breath

You might not know it, but the catechins found in green tea are great for your oral health. These catechins can fight the growth of bacteria and lower the chances of getting infections. 

Streptococcus mutans is one of the most common bacteria in the mouth. It leads to plaque, cavity, and eventual tooth decay. Some studies show that green tea’s catechins can help inhibit the growth of this type of bacteria. 

It Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a global epidemic, and the number of people suffering from it continuously grows. Now, 1 in 10 Americans has type 2 diabetes. 

Green tea is shown to possibly improve insulin sensitivity and even lower blood sugar levels, making it the best choice for a beverage if you are prediabetic or if you already have type 2 diabetes. 


These are just five of the many benefits of green tea - all good reasons to switch to green tea today. From improving your brain functions, aiding in your weight loss journey, and fighting various diseases, there’s no reason for you not to give this best detox tea a try. 

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