Are Probiotics Effective In Assisting Weight Loss?

By Admin Thu, Aug 13, 20

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Probiotics are an integral part of what keeps our stomachs in good condition. They are naturally occurring live organisms that boost both your digestive and immune systems. Probiotics are also found in supplements and fermented foods and can improve the way your stomach digests what you eat.

While it comes with plenty of other benefits, some people wonder if this bacteria can assist in weight loss, which is what this article aims to tackle today.

How Do Probiotics Affect Us?

Probiotics combat harmful bacteria that come into our stomachs through what we eat in order to maintain balance in the gut’s bacterial diversity. A good and healthy stomach is home to a collection of helpful microorganisms that fight against harmful ones and assist in the digestion of food, along with nutrient absorption.

Think of them as gatekeepers of the stomach that protect it from any illnesses that can be caused by outside bacterial presence. Probiotics assist the immune system’s regulation and maintenance, along with promotion of proper growth of the nervous system.

Where Do We Usually Get Probiotics?

Fermented foods naturally contain probiotics and some have added probiotics to give our stomachs a boost against the harmful microorganisms. Some of these foods we commonly find these bacteria in are yogurt and certain milk products like Yakult and some cheeses. Other sources include vegetables that are fermented like kimchi, pickles, miso, sauerkraut, and similar products.

Can Probiotics Assist In Weight Loss?

Although research is still being conducted for further knowledge, preliminary research data suggests that these live bacteria in our stomachs can assist in weight loss. Additionally, some believe that poor stomach health has links to obesity because of the way the stomach digests things. A 2015 study showed that people at a healthy weight had differences in gut flora compared to those who were obese, meaning there may be a correlation.

Bacteria is found all over the body, with most that exist inside of us being friendly kinds that support our wellbeing. In the stomach, bacteria like probiotics help break down the food we eat for proper digestion, as well as proper nutrient and vitamin absorption. The bacteria then feeds on fibers and turns them into compounds that are good for the body.

When the digestive system is unhealthy, this is usually chalked up to an imbalance in the microbes found in the gut, which leads to dysbiosis. Sometimes, when too many harmful microorganisms grow, the good kinds of organisms that exist in the gut are often overpowered and cannot keep them in check.

A good and healthy gut doesn’t mean all probiotics but it is more on the diversity of the bacteria found in the stomach.

Experience the Benefits of Probiotics

While studies still have not explicitly proven that probiotics can help you lose weight, the small indications that each study holds makes it possible that it is so. Even if, ultimately, probiotics do not result in very much weight loss at all, you can experience their benefits in combination with other amazing weight loss ingredients.

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Probiotics are natural wonders of the human body, and while more studies must be done to prove their abilities to lose weight, taking them with other ingredients may have better effects. The best way to do so is to take it with coffee to get the boost in the morning while maximizing ketosis and increasing metabolic rates so you can curb cravings and shed those pounds.

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