An Oomph to Your Morning: 3 Reasons You Need to Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee

An Oomph to Your Morning: 3 Reasons You Need to Add Cinnamon to Your Coffee

by LJB Communications

Nothing beats the classic taste of coffee as the ultimate pick-me-up. Some like to relish the earthy, fruity, or deep chocolate flavor of a straightforward brew; others can’t go without the usual fusion of sweeteners and creamers. However, some like to expand their horizon and make the flavor profile more interesting by adding exotic combinations - from turmeric coffee, green coffee, and more.

It’s easy to think that adding spices to your brew is just another fancy attempt at beating the novelty drinks in every hole-in-the-wall cafe in town, but cinnamon proves to bring more than a sweet and spicy kick to your brew. Here’s how adding cinnamon can add a healthy oomph to your average joe:

1. Cinnamon is a Healthy Substitute for Sugar and Cream

Many people need to kickstart their day with a cup of coffee every morning, but not all can handle the robust flavors of a double shot.

While coffee can fuel your batteries and can gear you up to perform better with its brain-boosting properties, adding too much sugar and cream can introduce a double whammy of a caloric load to your routine.

On the other hand, cinnamon can soften the punch of black coffee and add a saccharine touch without increasing your sugar levels.

2. Cinnamon Regulates Your Blood Sugar Levels and Curb Cravings

Adding sugar to coffee may taste delectable, but it will only trigger your cravings and fluctuate your blood sugar levels to boot. This will tempt you to indulge in a carb-fest later through the day, bringing your mood down further during an afternoon slump at work.

Adding cinnamon can be a silver lining, especially for diabetics, as it is a natural sweetener that can normalize your blood sugar by slowing down the absorption of glucose. This allows you to prevent intense cravings, making it an exciting choice for weight watchers and health-conscious coffee drinkers.

3. Cinnamon is Packed with Antioxidants

Not only does cinnamon introduce vibrant flavors to your drink, but it also comes with a rich blend of antioxidants. One of the substances that bring the biggest benefits is called proanthocyanidins, which is responsible for mitigating oxidative damage to your body.

Topping it with just a touch of cinnamon offers anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce aches and pains, allowing you to improve your mobility for the day. For those struggling with arthritis and similar conditions, cinnamon is sure to promote relief, all while sating your sweet tooth.

The Bottom Line: How You Can Get an Extra Energy Boost with a Dash of Cinnamon to Your Brew

Trends come and spice up coffee to explore different flavors, but garnishing the liquid gold with cinnamon offers more than your typical seasonal orders. It’s a sweet treat that can cushion the transition from latte picks to black coffee, allowing you to drink more healthily, all while enhancing the deep flavors of your java.

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