All You Need to Know About L-Carnitine: Our Guide

By Admin Tue, Nov 17, 20

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L-Carnitine: If you’ve been following the different health trends and developments that are taking up headlines today on magazines and blogs, you’ve most likely heard of this term several times. 

For anyone who is a fan of health drinks or supplements, the term “L-Carnitine” is something that is typically heard of every time the opportunity to stock up comes. While the supplement itself is synonymous with items like tea or juice, it has become more popular than ever before because it’s being used in newer applications, one of which being Lean Joe Bean’s coffee!

With all this talk about the ingredient in question and how common it’s become popular, there’s just one question about it that you might be wondering about: "Do I know enough about L-Carnitine?"

A guide to all that you’ll need to know

While L-Carnitine is something that we often hear about often in our daily lives, it’s also as mysterious as it is widely known about, which means that we’ll all need to catch up sooner later. Thankfully, it isn’t too late to start knowing everything about the compound in question so that you’re better-educated once it’s time to stock up. 

Without further ado, let’s go over everything you need to know in further detail: 

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid derivative that’s often taken as a supplement or additional ingredient to drinks, which has picked up a reputation for being a “miracle cure” for weight loss.

Generally, this derivative is heavily associated with the image of being a nutrient and dietary supplement that millions of Americans use to lose weight and improve their overall health. Whether you choose to take the supplement on its own or add it to a drink in your everyday routine, the image that it’s associated with is more than justified. 

How does it work?

When it comes to functions, L-Carnitine mostly interacts with the body’s energy-producing processes as a transporting force or boost.

Taking the nutrient according to dietary recommendations can lead to various benefits because it helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondrion of your cells, which are later on burnt up to create usable energy. Once usable energy is created (alongside a regular intake of Vitamin C), the body metabolizes much better and fires up well enough to expend more energy so that it generates a significant degree of healthy weight loss!

Does it actually aid weight loss in the body?

Yes! Yet, there are a few extra details involved. Contrary to the “miracle cure” that the uninitiated associate it with, L-Carnitine functions more as a weight loss supplement than a standalone excess pound shedder. 

Taking the complexities of the body into consideration, it’s critical to understand that taking a supplement alone won’t spark a long-winded chain of weight loss. This is primarily because it needs to be paired with a good diet and regular exercise to work in full effect. One such example of the nutrient being used as a supplement to be paired with a routine is drinking a cup of Lean Joe Bean Coffee (which contains a whole lot of it) and working out a few times a week!


Even though L-Carnitine may be an “enigma” to many people, this only means that it’s crucial to understand it in further detail by knowing about its effects, properties, and benefits for effective usage. Through this guide's help, you’ll be able to make the most out of your regular dosages and help ensure that you’re getting the full benefit of supplementation!

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