A New Study Suggests It’s Best to Drink Your Morning Coffee After Breakfast

By Admin Mon, Jan 04, 21

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The busy days are getting on your nerves, and so you attempt to rest and recuperate. Unfortunately, you end up having a terrible night of sleep, tossing and turning in a seemingly endless fragmented slumber. And so comes the morning, where you’re left groggy and sluggish, quite different from what you’ve expected. To combat the feeling, you don your shoes and coat and set off to the nearest cafe, eager to get your hands on the strongest coffee available—in the largest possible size. 

The cup of coffee in your hand may seem like the rest of the day’s saving grace. As the most popular drink in the world, coffee cures the bleary-eyed and deep bags. Unfortunately, a new study from the University of Bath begs to differ.

In a series of new studies, how we drink our morning coffee could very well be causing unnecessary harm, and could likely be the culprit to your restless night. Strong coffee as your way of breaking fast impairs the body’s metabolism and glucose functions. 

The study then urges people to consume coffee after breakfast, where the body can deal with the caffeine fix better and more healthily. 

A Closer Look

Scientists from the University of Bath examined the effects of caffeine, especially when it comes to broken sleep. They’ve found that a night of poor sleep cannot impact metabolism as much, but drinking coffee first thing in the morning greatly affects the body’s blood glucose systems. 

The study encompassed 29 healthy adults, all of whom have been subjected to three different experiments done overnight. In the controlled environment, one set of the participants have been allowed to rest in an undisturbed area, enabling them to get a good night’s sleep. Upon waking, they’ve been tasked to consume a sugary drink as a form of breakfast. After that, the researchers took blood samples to test glucose and insulin responses. 

The other two sets of the subjects were placed in a less than ideal sleeping condition, as they have been awake every hour of the night. They were then given the same sugary drink right after waking in the morning, preceded by a cup of strong black coffee. Blood samples were also taken.

What The Researchers Found

The study was expected to have significant results, but the researchers found that no change to the glucose and insulin response happened, even with disrupted sleep. However, they have found significant changes right after drinking that strong cup of coffee, triggering metabolic disruptions. 

Beyond The Realm Of Coffee And Its Effects 

The concept of metabolism and glucose levels, especially when linked to sleep, still needs research. Sleep disruption is also an area that remains elusive, as with the effects of caffeine in the system. 

The experiments done by the University of Bath, however, are compelling pieces of evidence that coffee may not be much of a miracle substance after all. Much is left to be learned, but one thing is certain—make sure to eat breakfast first before consuming your string coffee. 

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