5 of the Worst Coffee Additives Available on the Market

By Admin Wed, Oct 07, 20

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Coffee is a superfood at its core, and a few cups a day can be quite beneficial to your health. This product has fueled workers, students, and practically every industry imaginable. With different ways to enjoy the great beans and various coffee brands, these can do wonders for the body. Studies even say that some of the best products to shed a few pounds are weight loss coffees, which boost metabolic rates throughout the day. They even assist people in achieving a state of ketosis if brewed correctly.

Black coffee for weight loss is the most effective way to go when dieting correctly, as certain coffee drinks you can buy in the corner store are full of dense amounts of sugars. With some of these coffee drinks having over 300% of a person’s daily value of sugar. America is struggling with a health crisis, and we can blame it on the way people start the day.

Things That You Shouldn’t Add to Coffee

The best diet coffee is always a black cup of joe. With over 60% of Americans consuming coffee each day, it helps to choose what we consume. Not everyone will enjoy black coffee for weight loss, as some enjoy their coffee with a tad bit of sweetness or creaminess. While there is nothing wrong with that, here are some things that you must never add to your coffee:

1. Artificial Sweeteners

Although the zero-calorie indicator on the package looks tempting, studies have linked very few of these to actual weight loss. In fact, Harvard Health has found that inadequately consuming sweetness can make people indulge in sugary treats even more. Adding to this is mixed research on artificial sweeteners’ actual safety because, really, who knows what are in these things?

2. Flavored Syrups

Some of the syrups you see in your local coffee shop are packed with sugars. Syrups are often made of melted down sugar crystals and flavored to give a different taste. This sugar origin makes them even more calorie-dense and often makes certain drinks jump from a few grams to over 50 grams of sugar.

3. Creamer Powders

Most creamer powders that are shelf-stable are filled with preservatives to keep them from spoiling. Synthetic additives like sodium phosphate are added to make these last longer at room temperature, which isn’t banned by the FDA, but they still advise using these sparingly. The Center for Science in the Public Interest group marked sodium phosphates as an additive that must be consumed only sparingly, as large amounts can promote bad nutritional habits.

4. Oily Keto Creamers

Keto coffee is trendy nowadays, and many coffee product manufacturers are looking to join the hype. With that said, many good ketogenic products are not exactly cheap to produce, meaning large scale manufacturers will try to cut corners. Some oil-based keto creamers can have harmful ingredients that affect your body and link cardiovascular difficulties and weight gain. Try to find low-fat and low-sugar options to substitute if you are doing the keto diet. However, nothing beats black coffee as the best weight loss coffee available, so it is up to you to make sacrifices.

5. Condensed Milk

Many people love Vietnamese iced coffee due to its different tint of sweetness. This sweetness comes from condensed milk, which can damage your health due to high sugar density. Two tablespoons contain about 22 grams of sugar and 130 calories. The best way to go for a milky and creamy coffee is to use no-sugar-added milk products or low-fat milk for those who love a white cup of coffee.


The best weight loss coffee is a black cup of joe, as this contains virtually zero calories and supports all diets that aid in better health. When playing safe during dieting, black coffee is often the best way to go due to its health benefits and metabolic-boosting properties.

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