5 Amazing Benefits of Taking Ginseng for Weight Loss

By Admin Wed, Sep 09, 20

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Ginger, famous for its bold, unique flavor, has been used over the years to treat various conditions. It is the go-to solution for problems such as joint pain, inflammations, digestive problems, among many others. It has established a name for itself as a powerful medicinal supplement.

On top of that, ginger has also been gaining popularity around the world because of its weight loss properties. Thanks to its unique components, it can help anyone interested in losing weight enjoy various health benefits, like the following:

1. Weight Loss and Improved Metabolism

A 2017 study featuring obese women showed that people who follow a healthy diet and exercise routine lose more weight when they consume ginseng. Animal studies also show that this aromatic rhizome can impact the metabolism of fats and other lipids. This allows the body to absorb less fat and burn it quicker.

Ginsenosides, the active compound in ginseng, is also believed to stimulate fat loss at a molecular level. Because of this, insulin levels and one’s food intake are easily controlled, effectively contributing to weight loss.

2. Controlled Blood Sugar Levels

If you have elevated blood glucose levels, regular consumption of ginger can significantly improve your condition. Aside from helping control blood sugar levels, ginger also has properties that can improve the function of the pancreas. Its antioxidant properties also make it extremely effective in reducing free radicals in the body.

3. Improved Insulin Sensitivity

How your body reacts and responds to insulin influences your weight loss. This hormone mainly regulates blood glucose levels and helps break down fats and proteins. However, too much of it due to insulin resistance can lead to weight gain.

To reduce fat and lose weight easily and effectively, you need to increase your insulin sensitivity. This is another thing that ginseng can do for your body.

4. Energy Boost

Especially if you’re following a rigid workout routine to speed up your weight loss, you need something to keep you going. You’re in luck because ginger is also loaded with all the right components to give you your much-needed energy boost.

It has components called oligopeptides and polysaccharides which are proven to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. It can do this by raising energy production in cells while simultaneously lowering oxidative stress.

Aside from this, ginseng can also give you the energy and focus you need which empowers you to do more during the day. Consequently, this helps you burn more calories! 

5. Better Digestion

Your intestines need good bacteria to aid digestion and keep the “bad” bacteria in check. However, you need to regularly consume ginger and other so-called prebiotic foods which feed these friendly bacteria in your gut. Doing so helps keep these good bacteria strong and your digestive system healthy and functioning well.

With a healthy digestive system, you will truly experience the benefits of adding more vegetables to your diet!


Losing weight is a big project to take. Aside from your diet and workout regimen, you will need all the help you can get to achieve better results. Ginger is just the right ingredient when it comes to this. It not only aids your weight loss and speeds up your metabolism but also boosts your energy and helps keep your body in the best condition. Add it to your diet and you’ll be well on your way to feeling good from the inside out!

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