4 Tips for Keeping Your Coffee Healthy - Our Guide

By Admin Wed, Jun 10, 20

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Of all the drinks in the world, coffee must be one of the most popular drinks of all time. Many people fall in love with its unique flavor and the energizing effects of caffeine. Unfortunately, not many people realize that this drink, while widely believed to be unhealthy, is beneficial for your health. It is packed with antioxidants, even more so compared to vegetables and fruits. 

So, how do you ensure that your coffee drink is as healthy as it can be? Here are some tips:

1. Do not put too much sugar or creamers

The worst thing you can do with your coffee to turn it into an unhealthy drink is to add too much sugar and creamers into it. While they make the drink taste amazing, they do not make it any healthier.

For this reason, try to avoid putting sugar or creamers as much as possible. If you need to add sugar, try a natural sweetener. They are a much healthier alternative to regular sugar and can still sweeten your drink well. As for creamers, add full-fat cream milk instead of artificial creamers.

2. Use a paper filter

Whenever you brew your coffee, use a paper filter to strain it. That is because brewed coffee contains a substance called Cafestol. This substance is known to raise your blood cholesterol levels, which is always an unhealthy effect.

With a paper filter, this substance is sifted out. While it will not eliminate it, it will reduce it substantially while allowing all the beneficial antioxidants to still be present in the drink.

3. Drink organic coffee

Whatever you do, avoid coffee that has gone through too much processing. For example, avoid coffee that is grown in environments that are filled with pesticides. While this will keep the coffee free from insects that can damage it, the substances used to kill the critters are also harmful to humans. 

For this reason, always opt for quality organic coffee. They should contain little to no synthetic substances, such as pesticides, ensuring that each cup you drink is not adding any toxic substances into your body.

4. Avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon

You probably love that morning cup of coffee as most people do. However, if you find yourself taking a second cup in the afternoon, you might want to reconsider doing that. That is because a cup of coffee contains caffeine, which jolts your body into full of energy. Unfortunately, while this is nice to have in the morning, an afternoon cup can seriously interfere with your other activities, including sleep. 

While this can vary from people to people because the effects of caffeine are not the same for everyone, it is generally a good idea to avoid coffee in the afternoon. If you need one, you can drink decaf coffee. They are just as good but do not have the caffeine. 


While coffee itself is a healthy drink, many things make it unhealthy. By following the tips, however, you ensure that your body benefits from the drink, from caffeine's stimulatory effects to the antioxidants that promote health. The next time you enjoy a cup, you can do so guilt-free knowing that you are doing your body a favor! 

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