4 Reasons to Start Putting More Cinnamon in Your Coffee

By Admin Tue, Nov 24, 20

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If you’ve been drinking coffee for a while now, you’ve likely grown a preference for adding extra ingredients to your daily cup to make it taste much better.

Traditionally, the only things that one could add to their cup were either creamer or sugar for a sweeter and more balanced finish. The problem with these little add-ons that are so beloved by coffee-drinking Americans is that they are unhealthier than people expect.

Thankfully, there’s one way to kick your cuppa Joe and take your morning, afternoon, or evening routines up a notch without setting yourself up for an ER visit 30 years down the line: Cinnamon.

What type of cinnamon spice are we talking about?

If you were thinking that we were referring to something like a cinnamon spice latte, we’re actually talking about the spice itself in its powder form. 

Sugar craving letdown aside, cinnamon has become one of the most talked-about add-ons to coffee in recent years because it’s a tad bit less unorthodox than butter but more beneficial. As popular as the spice in question is, however, the reality is that it isn’t as widely used as an add-on to bean juice because the idea itself is rather uncommon. 

What makes it such a great add-on to coffee?

Generally, Cassia cinnamon (which is more common than its Ceylon counterpart) is promoted as a healthier way to add flavor to any coffee cup because of its benefits. Here are some of the most prominent upsides of adding this wondrous spice to your daily routine: 

Looking for flavor? Cinnamon is perfect for the job

One of the most prominent reasons you should start adding cinnamon to your coffee is that it makes everything more flavorful. With a well-balanced sweetness and a trademark kick, cinnamon-flavored coffee will put you in for a treat and make your everyday staple much more enjoyable than you’d ever imagine.

Got colds? Cinnamon in coffee will do the trick

When mixed with coffee’s heat and strength, cinnamon can act as the perfect cure to a clogged nose because its decongestant properties quickly clear everything up. If you find yourself with a stuffy nose in the morning, just add a sprinkle of the spice in your coffee and wait for all the magic to settle in!

Having a hard time getting through the day? Cinnamon it all up

While a cup of coffee packs quite a bit of energy compared to other natural drinks, it can miss the spot sometimes because of the tolerance it builds with regular consumption. Fortunately, adding cinnamon into your coffee will help jolt you with an ample fix of energy to get through the day and easily take care of the challenges that you face.

Looking to lose weight? Add some spice in

Adding cinnamon into your coffee is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your daily cup helps you lose weight in a much more sustainable manner. An extra sprinkle of the sweet spice reduces hunger pangs, boosts the body’s temperature, and helps maintain the feeling of fullness for longer, the trifecta of effective long-term weight loss!

How can you start enjoying some cinnamon in your coffee?

Traditionally, the preferred way to mix cinnamon with coffee without creating a sludgy, sloppy mess is to mix it with a thicker liquid (like milk) to efficiently dissolve while making any cup more flavorful. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend an extra ten or so minutes a day adding the spice into your bean juice because Lean Joe Bean’s Superfood Coffee has it in its formula for a pour-and-stir experience!


While there are many different things that you can add to your coffee, none are as beneficial or flavor-rich as cinnamon, especially when you mix it in right. With the help of this guide, you can understand why it’s best to mix coffee into your daily cup and what the best ways to do it are! 

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