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By Admin Mon, Dec 07, 20

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There’s a lot of intrigue surrounding mushroom coffee on the Internet. Some conservative brewers flat out dismiss the drink as a passing fancy, downright gross, and nothing special. However, that’s only because coffee drinkers like you may not be asking the right questions. Fortunately, we’ve got the right queries and the answers you seek! 

This article will dismiss four commonly asked questions about mushroom coffee. Take this as an opportunity to be a more adventurous coffee drinker and unlock this superfood’s benefits! 

Where does mushroom coffee come from? 

You may already know that eating mushrooms is a staple among many Asian cultures, like the Chinese, who use different kinds of mushrooms as medicine. But mushroom coffee came from a unique place that you may not think of, and that’s in Finland! 

At first, people wouldn’t consume mushrooms because they didn’t regard the fungi as an edible crop. The idea to blend mushrooms into coffee only came around when the Finnish experienced extreme famine during World War II in the 1940s.

The process of making mushroom coffee back then was quite simple. All you needed was any coffee bean variant harvested from high altitudes. Then, the Finnish would infuse Lion’s Mane mushrooms into the mix. You can now see high-quality mushroom coffee mixes made with Lion’s Mane, Resh, Cordyseps, Mitake, Shitake, and Chaga! 

Does the coffee taste like mushrooms? 

This question is by far the most asked question among many drinkers, and you may be surprised to hear that the answer is no; mushroom coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms at all! It’s just like any special brew, like arabica medium. 

You won’t have a problem with any awkward mushroom taste at all! That’s because of the way the mushrooms are prepared, which is often sun dried and processed with intense coffee beans to ensure that you only get a taste of each cup’s potent health benefits! Most mushroom coffee mixes are also infused with other natural ingredients to enhance the flavor and enable you to keep a healthy lifestyle! 

Can I add sugar? How about creamer? 

There are some purists out there who believe that sweeteners or milk do not belong in any cup of coffee. Some even go extreme to commit to hot coffee because they believe ice spoils the flavor and waters down the coffee’s intense nuttiness. 

But don’t worry, you can add anything to your mushroom coffee! Just follow the instructions on the packaging, and you are all set! You can add some vegan milk and let it sit for a while to add ice. However, we suggest you try it out on its own first to get a feel for the taste! 

What are the health benefits of drinking mushroom coffee?

The mushroom coffee diet is another rising trend in the superfood industry because of the healthy fungi’s many potent benefits, and they’re right to take notice! That’s because mushroom coffee contains a healthy amount of antioxidants that can help against inflammatory diseases and boost your immune system.

Certain mushroom coffee blends can also influence your body’s healthy excretion of free radicals, aiding against fast aging and certain skin conditions.


Your questions about mushroom coffee have successfully been answered, and now you know what to say if anyone has any similar queries! All you have to do now is try your first cup! Buy mushroom coffee today and become a healthier, happier you! 

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