3 Researches That Prove Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

By Admin Wed, Jun 10, 20

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Getting rid of unwanted excess pounds and attaining your dream slim, fit body entails you to create serious changes in your lifestyle, particularly in the way you eat and drink. That requires you to become more conscious of what you consume.

In general, coffee is considered a healthy diet drink. If you are a coffee enthusiast who is on a diet, we have some good news for you. Aside from you can keep this beverage in your diet—as long as it does not have tons of sugar, creamer, and sweeteners—your morning coffee can also help you lose weight!

Let us help you learn more about the effectiveness of doing a coffee diet to lose weight. Although there is no clear indication yet that coffee directly impacts and causes weight loss, here are some scientific proofs and researches we compiled that show why coffee is excellent for its stimulation:

It helps decrease your body fat

If you are looking for one of the best ways to lose weight, then you may consider drinking a cup of joe more often every day.

According to the study by Harvard public health researchers that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who drank four cups of caffeinated coffee a day decreased their body fat for at least 4 percent. Since drinking coffee increases your metabolism, you can burn more calories, helping you attain your health and fitness goals.

It increases your metabolic rate

In a study in 2019 found in Scientific Reports, researchers found out that drinking one cup of caffeinated coffee may stimulate activity in your brown adipose tissue, which is the fat in your body that burns calories. In other words, coffee boosts your metabolic rate, which can aid in burning your fat, losing your excess weight, and achieving your desired body.

It reduces the occurrence of weight gain and body fat accumulation

Scientific research on rats published in the Journal of Functional Foods presented that rats are less likely to gain weight and accumulate body fat after consuming caffeinated mate tea extract. While the study is observed in rats, this can also produce a similar effect in humans.


Losing weight takes an insane amount of dedication and patience to get your ideal results and achieve your target weight successfully. Aside from being disciplined in working out regularly, you have to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Fortunately, you can maximize your potential to achieve your goal by drinking coffee regularly. Various scientific studies have shown that caffeine, which is found in coffee, has promising properties that can help you boost your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, and prevent you from gaining weight and accumulating fat.

Another piece of good news is that there is a commercially available fat-burning coffee that can be a perfect addition to your morning routine. It can let you get the energy you need for your regular exercise, reduce your appetite, curb your cravings, and increase your metabolism. In short, this tasty beverage can help you kickstart your journey to better health and attain the body you have always wanted.

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