3 Reasons Why Drinking Mushroom Coffee is Good for You - What to Know

By Admin Tue, Jun 09, 20

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Ever heard of mushroom coffee? Before you click out of this article, hear us out! Mushroom coffee is just regular coffee with mushroom products mixed in. While you might think that this means your coffee is going to be mushroom-flavored, that’s not at all the case! There isn’t any mushroom taste in the coffee at all. Plus, with mushroom coffee, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of mushrooms as if you were eating them. 

Here are three ways drinking mushroom coffee can benefit you: 

1. Gives you the energy you need

While you might be thinking that regular coffee gives you the energy you need anyways and that there is no reason to drink mushroom coffee—think again! Mushroom coffee doesn’t just pack enough energy to fuel your daily needs, but it does so without as much caffeine as regular coffee. A cup of coffee contains almost 100 mg of caffeine, while mushroom caffeine will contain approximately half of that.

Thus, you end up consuming less caffeine and while still enjoying the energy boost you are used to. Plus, mushroom coffee does not give you that caffeine crash that most coffee-drinkers are used to. Even more, you won't form much of a reliance on caffeine if you keep up drinking mushroom coffee, so you won't end up with any withdrawal effects if you do decide to slow down or stop drinking coffee altogether.

2. Allows your stomach to process the coffee easily

Many people who drink coffee run find that at a certain point, all the coffee makes their stomach start to go through reflux. This is because coffee is quite acidic. For others, their stomach may start to feel a little sore because of the high caffeine content.

Fortunately, a mushroom coffee mix cuts that acidity down significantly, meaning that you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee without having to deal with acid reflux or any other tummy issues.

3. Heals your body in many ways

Mushrooms have a myriad of healing properties that greatly benefit your body. For example, mushrooms such as Chaga and Lion's Mane, which are the more common types of mushrooms found in mushroom coffee blends, are well known to help address many ailments and provide you with different benefits. Chaga has been known to help treat cancer, stomach-related issues, and breathing problems while Lion's Mane has been known to help treat one's anxiety. Put simply, drinking mushroom coffee may not only benefit you physically, but it might help you mentally as well.


You can enjoy a myriad of benefits from a nice, warm cup of mushroom coffee. Not only will you enjoy the taste of fresh coffee in the morning, but you’ll bolster that great feeling with the health-enhancing properties of mushrooms. Grabbing a mushroom-mixed coffee blend today will allow you to start your day energized but guilt-free, knowing that you’ve treated your body the right way.

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