3 Reasons Drinking Coffee Is the Best for Diets - What to Know

By Admin Tue, Jun 09, 20

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Coffee is commonly regarded as a morning beverage, an excellent way to start your morning and to be productive. The surprising thing about coffee is that it’s actually incorporated with some of the best diets for weight loss—something not readily connected to everyone’s favorite morning drink.

The most common weight-loss diets only indicate the avoidance of “colored drinks,” leaving water as the primary choice for hydration. Plain coffee, however, is actually another viable drink for diets—as long as the sugar and creamer are limited. Utilizing coffee in diets is actually one of the best ways to lose weight, for as long as it’s patterned with exercise and activity.

Is coffee good for weight loss?

In a gist, yes, coffee actually helps you lose weight—for as long as a proper diet and exercise plan is added to it. What makes coffee, on a regular basis, unusable for weight loss diets is the added sugar that many prefer putting into their morning cup. Doing so can heavily skew its potential health benefits towards the negative end. For the best results with your weight loss plan, drinking plain black coffee should be your go-to.

To help cement this point, here are three major reasons to start incorporating coffee into your regular weight-loss diet.

It helps curb appetite

One of the key points in utilizing water in weight-loss diets is to curb cravings by filling yourself with water. Not only does it remove the potential confusion between thirst and hunger, but it also fills up your stomach to help stop it from gurgling.

Following that logic, plain black coffee is also a great alternative—it tastes good, it fills your stomach, and it helps reduce craving. Coffee, unlike water, actually has a distinct taste that can curb cravings while still maintaining a low caloric content (usually around 2 calories per cup). It also gives you a brief surge of energy, allowing you the strength to keep going through your day despite the reduced food brought by your diet.

It’s rich in antioxidants

Coffee is known to have numerous antioxidants, a substance extremely healthy for your body. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation within your body—a process that can produce free radicals, a component that holds a huge potential to destroy your body. Free radicals play a huge role in heart disease and cancer, which is why ingesting antioxidants play a large role in your overall health.

Regular intake of coffee is a good source of antioxidants. The addition of this layer of health benefits is the perfect reason to incorporate coffee into your diets—as weight loss is merely one side to health maintenance.

It promotes a faster metabolism

Coffee has the anti-oxidant called phenol—a component that produces short-term bursts of faster calorie burning. By taking in phenol through coffee, you are improving your metabolism, thus resulting in weight loss.

Phenol is also known to lower insulin levels, a major factor that blocks fat burning. With lower insulin levels, your body is geared toward burning more fat and translating it to energy, making coffee one of the best pre-workout drinks for better weight loss.


Drinking coffee for weight loss is the best move you can make for your health regimen. While coffee, in general, provides the best way to lose weight, it’s only as good as the quality of coffee that you drink.

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