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3 Daily Habits That Destroy a Healthy Metabolism

by LJB Communications

The human body is composed of layers upon layers of processes. Most of these functions are overlooked, but all play an equal role in making our lives better. One of the most important systems is metabolism, tasked with converting calories into energy. 

The higher the metabolism, the more calories can be burned each day. As the body ages, however, the metabolic rate gradually decreases. As a result, people gain more weight than normal. Other factors also lead to a slower metabolism, which includes daily lifestyle habits. 

In other words, metabolism is highly dependent on gender, age, and genetics, but most people can compensate for the lack of it through proper exercise.

If you’re trying to lose weight but find that you’re unable to do so, you may be suffering from a build-up of calories due to a slow metabolic rate. These eventually turn into fat, leading to a steady weight gain. The question now stands—what could be the cause?

The culprits may be closer to home than you think—here are the top-three metabolism killers you need to address:

You fail to consume enough protein

Talking about protein intake can be rather difficult, especially since not everyone is inclined to consume the same amount of protein every day. Some people live as vegans or vegetarians, thereby prompting them to look for other alternatives. Others, on the other hand, live on a full protein diet, and most just consume enough protein to get through the day. 

It’s important to note that steady metabolism is highly dependent on a good lifestyle and enough protein consumption. If you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism, make sure to eat enough protein in almost every meal. Coupled with a good exercise routine, you’ll be able to avoid weight gain and shed more pounds. 

You skip the most important meal of the day—breakfast 

Breakfast is integral to your day—it sets your body up for success, allowing you to gain enough energy to jumpstart your day. Unfortunately, life mostly gets in the way. You deal with traffic, sudden early meetings, and other tasks. As a result, you often skip breakfast, ultimately affecting your metabolic rate.

Keep in mind that metabolism slows down during sleep, so it’s important to break the fast to provide your body with the energy it needs. Your energy boost needs to come from good sources, however, not a sugary concoction of muffins by your favorite coffee shop. Refined carbs and glucose will cause your energy levels to crash, so make sure to opt for a healthy breakfast.

You don’t get enough sleep 

In an age of instant gratification and hectic schedules, your body is always on the go. Deadlines keep coming in, and the pile of tasks seems never-ending. Unfortunately, your body cannot go on for extended periods—to rest and perform better, you need to rest. This, however, is easier said than done. As a result, your immune system goes down and at the same time, your metabolic rates are compromised. 

Less sleep means the body produces fewer hormones needed to function properly, including leptin. As a result, you end up overeating and suffer from a slow metabolism. Sleep deprivation can easily become a habit, with symptoms consisting of only yawns and large cups of coffee. 

Boost Your Metabolism, Live A Better Life

Although often overlooked, your metabolism plays an integral role in your overall health. It’s responsible for not only keeping the weight away, but allowing your body to use the energy it needs to function. Failing to take good care of your metabolism can lead to serious consequences, including conditions that develop as a result of weight gain. Make sure to keep this guide in mind as you pursue a better, healthier lifestyle!

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