3 Antioxidant-Packed Ingredients for Your Coffee

By Admin Mon, Nov 30, 20

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Coffee is the best way to start the day, as this drink offers a jolt that gives a boost to stay alert and aware. The beans available can come in various flavors and tastes, making the possibilities practically endless for caffeine enthusiasts worldwide. Not only does it have multiple taste notes, but things like black coffee for weight loss is only one of the best things about kickstarting your day with a heaping cup. 

Having a brew of the best diet coffee is something that can help anyone, as this product is already packed with antioxidants and vitamins in the first place. People are taking their daily cup of joe by adding extra ingredients to boost the effectiveness of the beans’ best properties. Here are ways to boost your morning coffee with some strange but fantastic additives:

Cinnamon Powder Is a Kicker

Cinnamon is known to have plenty of antioxidant properties, as it has been used for years on end. This spice is jam-packed with 41 protective compounds and has the highest antioxidant potency among others in its classification. It tastes absolutely incredible on desserts, so why wouldn’t it be used in a good cup of coffee?

Stirring in a teaspoon or half of one into a hot cup or brewing it with one whole teaspoon mixed into the grounds can give a good kick of flavors with antioxidant properties. Many recommend Ceylon cinnamon because of its high quality, but this can be somewhat hard to find and costly. If you take one coffee a day, this can be a good option for mild consumers as it won’t be depleted as fast. However, cassia cinnamon is the more common option and is decent enough to be used in small amounts. Using too much can damage the body, as coumarin levels are higher in cassia varieties, so be sure to consider how much you’ll be taking. 

Mushroom Powder

Yes, mushrooms are good for coffee! While you won’t be putting dried fungi into your cup, you can use pulverized versions and incorporate it into the mix of your piping hot cup. Mushroom coffee is all the craze right now because of all the antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It can even help those who suffer from regular sicknesses because of the immune system boosts mushrooms give. 

Users also report that mushroom coffee removes a regular cup’s harsh effects, so no more jitters, excessive trips to the bathroom, and sans the crazy crash following consumption. Many do not like these side effects of caffeine, and the way fungi products remove this can be the solution to those who experience the worst sides of it. 

Ginger for Pains

While ginger has a strong and often spicy taste, pure ginger powder is one of the best ways to get this spice’s anti-inflammatory benefits. This product has treated nausea for many centuries and contains plenty of antioxidants and other health benefits. Ginger can reduce muscle pains, lower cholesterol levels, and assist the digestive tract. 

Adding a teaspoon of ginger to your daily cup can add a spicy kick with plenty of health benefits, making the best diet coffee even more potent in its health properties. The anti-inflammatory properties might even help you recover from a workout in the morning, which means less time in pain and more time getting gains!


These three additions to your morning coffee are some of the best, and not many know about it. While they will change the taste slightly, there is plenty to be gained from their natural health-boosting properties. The best diet coffee can be made even better by adding a teaspoon of these spices and products, so try them out today!

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