2 Ways Coffee Helps Boost Your Metabolism - What to Know

By Admin Tue, Jan 19, 21

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Most people would agree that coffee is a necessary part of their morning routine. The golden liquid is delicious and can tickle the taste buds with its variety of flavors, but for weight watchers who are looking for the next best tips to speed up their weight loss, is coffee the right choice to start the day?

Coffee has started becoming a buzzword in the world of fitness as it’s marketed as a fat-burning supplement, but all its hype is not without merit. Of course, drinking your favorite Starbucks coffee won’t do much to help you shed pounds, but coffee in its pure form has a few tasty tricks up its sleeve.

If you’re wondering how drinking coffee can help you burn fat, let’s break down its components and how it impacts your metabolism in the long run: 

Coffee has Stimulants that Affect Your Metabolism

Coffee is chock-full of stimulants that are known to speed up metabolisms, such as caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid. Of course, the spotlight falls on caffeine as it’s the most effective compound that can block an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

This is called adenosine, and by reducing this, caffeine can increase neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine to introduce a renewed, energetic zeal to your system. Beyond boosting the metabolic rate, the new level of alertness can aid your physical performance when exercising. 

Coffee can Help Break Down Fat 

Other than speeding up your metabolism, caffeine can stimulate the body’s epinephrine, a hormone that’s commonly known as adrenaline. By increasing this type of hormone, it can signal the body to break down fats faster and disperse them into your bloodstream. 

While it can mobilize fat, it doesn’t mean that caffeine alone can help you lose weight. You need to accompany it with exercise or a good diet since having fatty acids in your blood does nothing to cut pounds, unless you can burn more calories than you consume. 

The Bottom Line: How Coffee can Aid Your Weight Loss by Helping You Burn Fat 

Drinking coffee isn’t the holy grail to weight loss, but knowing how it can help speed up your metabolic rate and improve your alertness can do wonders for supplementing your fitness goals. Taking a break every now and then can benefit you more since it keeps you from building tolerance, though indulging in a good brew every day can be just as healthy for other reasons.

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