2 Valuable Ways That Chromium Can Help You Lose Weight

By Admin Tue, Sep 29, 20

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The concept of weight loss isn’t new for many of us because of how often we think about shedding off extra pounds or looking even greater, fat-free.

Today, the whole “weight loss” obsession is so widespread that most people have resorted to becoming incredibly particular about the “wonder ingredients” that they consume. From putting cayenne pepper and paprika in water to getting more yohimbine for much-needed metabolism spikes, the number of new ingredients popping up in the lists of curious shoppers grows every year.

Among the different compounds, ingredients, powders, and liquids that have been marketed as “the next best thing” for easy-breezy weight loss, there’s one that isn’t in the limelight but works better than all else: chromium.

What is chromium?

Technically classified as trivalent in form, the chromium that is widely acclaimed for fat loss is an essential trace element currently used in top-quality and effective weight-loss products.

Commonly found in the market’s healthiest ingredients, the body doesn’t naturally produce the component. Still, it can significantly improve the body’s ability to lose excess or unwanted weight. Our Lean Joe Bean morning coffee uses chromium as one of its proprietary ingredients because of its link to increased metabolism and greater fat loss levels.

Suppose you’ve been having a much harder time with losing weight recently. In that case, it’s safe to say that your body is experiencing a deficiency of chromium that’s preventing everything from falling into place.

How can it help with losing weight?

Generally speaking, dietary chromium has been linked to increased weight loss efficiency because of the various properties it holds. To best understand why you need to start bumping up your chromium intake, let’s look at the specific reasons that this compound or substance has been linked to shedding excess weight:

1. Reduced insulin resistance

One of the most common reasons people who work out still fail to see significant fat loss levels is that they have increased insulin resistance levels, which prevents fat loss in the process.

In most cases, an increased insulin resistance level is caused by a lack of chromium in the diet. Fortunately, having something that contains the ingredient in question—such as a pack of Lean Joe Bean coffee every morning—will help reset everything and kick start your weight loss!

2. Increased glucose mobility

On a molecular level, lower levels of fat loss, despite high levels of physical activity, are linked to the lack of transport glucose, which builds up and turns into fat.

In cases like these where the body fails to metabolize the monosaccharide effectively, chromium can step in and help get things moving so that the fat loss process starts running again. This is achieved because chromium itself binds to the glucose transporter to get the carbohydrate moving right into the cells that need it instead of causing intense cravings for other forms of energy (sugar).

Once you start taking chromium regularly, you’ll instantly notice that your body starts to feel even more energetic without taking in too many carbohydrates. This will eventually lead to a more effortless weight loss experience!


When the body fails to lose weight as it should, one potential cause that anyone needs to address is a lack of chromium because of how critical it is to burn off fat. Once you get a thorough idea of what your body needs and buy chromium sources to start consuming regularly, you’ll get to jumpstart your metabolism right away!

If you’re looking to successfully shed some pounds and get your daily serving of chromium with a cup of effective weight loss coffee, there’s no need to worry because Lean Joe Bean has got you covered. Stock up on your weight loss essentials by visiting our online store and placing your order today!

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