2 Brews to Replace Your Daily Regular Cup of Coffee

By Admin Tue, Jul 14, 20

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To anyone who has ever enjoyed an amazing brew, it’s clear that coffee always comes from beans that are cultivated, roasted, ground, and brewed in a variety of ways.

Whether you’re a French press type of person or someone who doesn’t mind having a straight sachet-to-cup serving of coffee for weight loss, there are now different ways that a daily dose of caffeine can be consumed.

A different way to enjoy coffee

From “chocolate” coffee to genetically-engineered beans, the number of alternative coffee sources continues to grow each year as food scientists, manufacturers, and neo-baristas find new sources for the magic drink. Among all the different types of sources that have come to light in recent years, there’s one alternative that has been seen by many as weird: Mushroom coffee.

Is it a legit form of coffee?

When the idea of “mushroom coffee” comes to mind, you might end up thinking of some nasty mixture made by a five-year-old. Although it sounds like the most unwelcome thing to happen to coffee, it’s something you shouldn’t knock until you try it.

You see, mushroom coffee has been touted as the next best thing for the iconographically-black drink ever since the discovery of beans because of its ability to provide all the necessary benefits without crashing or other related problems. As opposed to regular java-type beans that leave heavy coffee drinkers exposed to mid-afternoon crashes, this alternative, which was born out of border closures, provides a surprisingly indistinguishable experience.

The different types of mushrooms that you can brew with

Just like the good old-fashioned coffee beans, mushrooms that can be used as coffee bases come in different shapes, sizes, and flavor profiles that make distinct and delicious cups. If you want to catch up on your caffeine consumption without midnight jitters or losing sleep, here are two different types of mushrooms you can try brewing with:

1. Cordyceps mushrooms

With its roots ingrained particularly deep in alternative Chinese medicine and the country’s agricultural landscape, this coffee-alternative is one of the longest standing base brewing options on this list. Although they may not necessarily have that same “jolt” of energy, these fungi are a great replacement or supplement with every cup of coffee, even more so considering it can boost your body’s energy!

2. Lingzhi mushrooms

Alternatively dubbed as the “mushroom of immortality,” lingzhi mushrooms are another China-endemic fungi with a large following because of their availability and proprietary role as a suitable coffee replacement. When you take this mushroom the same way you would with coffee, you treat your body with a wide range of benefits, such as immune system strengthening and asthma relief!


Although it may sound like one of the most revolting drinks you could ever have, mushroom coffee is an amazing alternative to regular bean-derived drinks. By switching your morning cup every once in a while for this new way of enjoying coffee, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits right away, especially if you pair it with Lean Joe Bean’s functional instant coffee for boosted energy and metabolism!

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