What Are Green Coffee Beans?

By Admin Tue, May 02, 17

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One of the ingredients listed in our clinically studied and proprietary formula for Lean Joe Bean Weight Loss Coffee is green coffee beans - but what exactly are those and why are they part of our formula? We want our customers to understand what makes up the delicious cup of Lean Joe Bean that they will be drinking each day, so we wanted to provide the following information on this important component of our weight loss coffee.

Green coffee beans are the naturally bright green coffee fruit that have not yet been roasted the way that the dark beans you usually brew your coffee with have been. The extract from green coffee beans is considered to promote weight loss, due to the presence of caffeine and more importantly, of chlorogenic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant. This useful component is much more present in the green unroasted beans.

The chlorogenic acids in green coffee bean extract have other positive effects on your overall health as well. One such benefit is a natural reduction of high blood pressure when it is consumed daily. This may be a safer way to control high blood pressure before turning immediately to prescription medications, which can be effective but can also have many adverse side effects.

Green coffee bean extract is also full of positive antioxidants, and is a very important part of our Lean Joe Bean formula and helps make up the mix that will help you keep losing weight.

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