The Important Role that Nutrients Play in Weight Loss

By Admin Tue, May 02, 17

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While sensible and healthy calorie reduction is a crucial part of any effective weight loss plan, the role that nutrients can play in your diet are not always taken into consideration when we begin to look for ways to trim down. Making sure that you take in the right kinds of nutrients while dieting is very important and can even work in your favor. Here are some of the nutrients that you need to keep in your diet to stay healthy, even as you lose weight.

L-Carnitine: This nutrient, which is part of our Lean Joe Bean formula, is beneficial for mitochondrial function, as well as energy production. It can help transport the fatty acids in your cells into the mitochondria, where they can then be burned for energy.

Fiber: Fiber can give your weight loss plan a boost because it keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer, meaning the temptation to snack will decrease. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are great sources of fiber.

Vitamin D: Many people have begun to develop Vitamin D deficiencies due to the reduction in UV rays that comes from wearing sunblock regularly. The protection that sunblock provides is more than beneficial enough to keep wearing it, but you make up for lost Vitamin D with fish oil, or fortified dairy products.

Iron: Iron deficiency is called anemia, and many people have it, leading to a chronic sense of fatigue. To correct or prevent anemia and fatigue, try consuming foods like spinach, turkey or lentils, and be sure you get enough Vitamin C, which aids in the body’s absorption of iron.

Understanding the way your body uses these nutrients will be tremendously helpful and keep you healthy as you embark on your Lean Joe Bean instant coffee enhanced weight loss.

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