How to Make the Most of Our Weight Loss Coffee Products

By Admin Sat, May 06, 17

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Lean Joe Bean Weight Loss Coffee was never intended to be the singular, miracle solution to any individual’s dietary needs or concerns. In order to take full advantage of the unique supplemental benefits of our proprietary Lean Joe Bean Weight Loss Coffee formula, we strongly suggest that you pair your daily intake of our delicious coffee mix with a sensible, healthy diet that is based on a safe level of caloric restriction for your height and body type, in addition to an appropriate level of activity and exercise.

Our clinically studied formula was thoroughly tested before we put Lean Joe Bean Coffee into production for public sale. Testing was performed with two groups, each of whom were receiving nutritional counseling and following a very reasonable and achievable diet and exercise plan. All of our participants were closely monitored throughout their involvement in our study and we feel that it’s important to note that all of our participants lost weight following these plans - even the group that was receiving a placebo.

A healthy diet and exercise will always get results, even if they aren’t immediate results.

The specifics of your diet and exercise regimen should be tailored to your needs - there is no one size fits all approach to a responsible weight loss plan that will improve your quality of life and provide lasting results.

Our weight loss coffee products should be viewed as a kind of secret weapon in your commitment to healthy weight loss - a delicious diet booster that can help you get through the day by satisfying your hungry feelings and adding a little spring to your step. We are proud to be offering a product that can help reward you for choosing to make healthier choices each and every day.

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Your Average Cup
of Coffee Isn't Enough

There are many good brands of coffee out there, but very none deliver 100% of the ingredients you need to enhance fitness efforts and see real results fast. Until now.

Lean Joe Bean contains a proprietary blend of Super CitriMax and Chromax which have been clinically shown to improve body composition and influence the key “fat” hormones. This is completely unique to Lean Joe Bean, and is the KEY to reaching goals efficiently.